Amazon Announce Twitch Prime, Discounts On Games And Free Loot

Over the weekend Amazon – who purchased Twitch a while back – announced a new addition to their Amazon Prime subscription, and it’s aimed specifically at gamers.

Cunningly named Twitch Prime, it gives you “an ad-free viewing experience, exclusive emotes and chat badge, and one free channel subscription every 30 days.” Now whilst that may be exciting for younger gamers who are in to that sort of thing, the oldies also get some bonuses in the shape of free game loot, free indie games, and best of all, discounts on new release box games during the pre-order period and for the first two weeks after launch.


To sign up you need to link your accounts by heading to, it’s very easy and even a bear of little brain and not much coffee can do it on a Monday morning. Twitch Prime is available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Amazon have also unveiled the first three PC games from their studio and unsurprisingly they are all multiplayer battlers aimed at the streaming crowd. Breakaway is a mythological sport brawler, Crucible is a FPS set on an alien world, whilst New World is “a massively multiplayer, open-ended sandbox game that allows you to carve your own destiny with other players in a living, hostile, cursed land.”

Source: Twitch / AGD

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  1. Amazon gave me a £60 credit voucher on the weekend due to their new prime discounts. I don’t know if it’s linked to how many games I’ve preordered/bought.

    • You get £2 off games, so anything you have ordered in the last two weeks, or have preordered, you have been given £2 off. Which means you must have 30 games pre-ordered, in which case – Drinks are on you, Mr Moneybags!

      • I haven’t bought that many games recently and although I have some on preorder, I doubt they would give me money for them yet as I haven’t paid and could cancel. I’m not complaining but it’s a bit odd.

  2. Massive discounts on games if you pre-order or buy them in the first 14 days.

    You can save a whole 200… pennies.

    Yep. A whole 2 quid off. Pays for itself after just 39.5 games. Definitely going to get me to subscribe to Prime with that sort of offer.

    I wonder if they sell a book about sarcasm too? That’d be really good.

    • You do get a fuck load of movies and music to stream as well. And free delivery. Its not like Amazon are asking your for £80 just for this.

      • Yeah, it’s such a good value proposition now. I was pretty happy when it was just delivery, but they keep throwing in more and more free stuff.

      • You do realise Amazon do free delivery without paying for Prime? You just don’t get it the next day. And the minimum order keeps creeping up.

        And the music streaming thing is rather limited compared to something like Spotify. Or maybe that’s just my taste in music ;)

      • Only if it’s £20. Bloody hate paying the delivery fee because I am literally a few pennies short of the limit and their bloody MP3 thing is seperate thus can’t even use that to get it near the limit. :-/

      • We’d make money on books alone, I think we’re currently spending abou £150 a year on the Kindle and at least half are free on Prime. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it was a monthly sub but I’m struggling to splash out the £79 in one go. It’s very good value,so maybe after the car has been through it service… but probably not :)

    • I agree with Tuffcub, Prime is a fantastic service that they keep adding to. I have probably got my money’s worth through next day delivery alone, not to mention the TV and music service, for what amounts to a similar subscription to Netflix alone per month. Great service that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone on the fence.

      • It’s even better when you get £30 off the yearly subscription!
        I can see why Amazon include free next day delivery, every time I need/want something I always buy it from Amazon as long as it’s not cheaper elsewhere. Which is not very often as their prices are pretty competitive.

  3. Interesting. I will try to remember about it when me fortunes change. Amazon is starting to get a bit arsey with some things and Prime is out of my reach due to cost.

    I do hope a certain developer which i dare not mention in case they try to sue me for having an opinion isn’t part of the free games package. Would cause quite a kerfuffle with the free games aspect.

    As for Streaming, tis neat but probably be just another outlet to see a fit girl’s breasts. What? There is a portion of the streamers that use their assets to hide their medicore skills at streaming.

    Great, now I have to sit in the corner of lectures on why stating things like this is wrong.

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