EU PS Store Update 04/10/16: October’s PS Plus, Outlast 2 Demo And Mafia III

It’s the first store update of October which means the PS Plus line up has now changed over. This month Plus subscribers can get Resident Evil, Transformers: Devastation, From Dust, Mad Riders, Actual Sunlight, and Code: Realize – Guardian Of Rebirth. In terms on new releases the biggest one this week is Mafia III, but if you’re wondering where the reviews are for it you may have to wait until next week as code is not being sent out until launch. Race fans can look forward to WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship and Ride 2.

There’s no new game releases on the store for PS3 or Vita this week, but there is some DLC.




4th October

5th October

  • Lego Star Wars – Poe’s Quest for Survival Level Pack

6th October

  • Assetto Corsa – Prestige Pass DCL

7th October

  • Assetto Corsa – Japanese Pack DLC, Performance Pack UPGRADE DLC
  • Mafia III – Season Pass
  • Ride 2 – Season Pass, Aprilia and Suzuki Bonus Pack, Kawasaki and Ducati Bonus Pack, Booster Pack


5th October

  • Lego Star Wars – Poe’s Quest for Survival Pack

Plus Games

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  1. Is there any word on being able to download the PSVR games before the 13th?

    • A lot of them are “live” behind the scenes (Batman, Driveclub etc) so I would expect they will be available for download (assuming you pre-order) before 13th. That said quite a few are still missing from the store.

      • Cheers Tuff. Luckily the ones I’m after are on the store so was able to pre-order them.
        When looking DriveClub VR wasn’t in the PSVR section, I had to do a search to find it so others that look like they’re missing may just be hiding.

  2. 3.2GB Vita Plus games are going to be fun to download. Still, got to be better than that Actual Sunlight, which has to be the worst thing they’ve given us in all those years of PS+.

    It’s a tiny download, and the “game” isn’t long, but that’s an hour I could have spent doing something useful. And by “something useful” I obviously mean “anything other than play that steaming pile of nonsense”.

  3. Outlast 2 Demo..? Are you kidding me..? Why do I not know this in advance..? Do you not inform me about the really important stuff..? ;o)

    Very good, excellent news, and I’ve not seen that coming at all..! I will be downloading that straight away tonight..!

    • Didn’t even notice that. I shall change into some pants I don’t like and download it now.

      • I’ve actually only noticed that… ;o)

  4. Very nice..! I just died a series of most horrible deaths… feels like coming home… Will get this on day one…

    Outlast 2..!

    And now on PSVR, please..! ;o)

    • No, I don’t think we need that in VR. That little demo was terrifying enough.

      And less of the jump scares from the first game, more just amazingly creepy atmosphere. If the whole game is like that demo, it’s day one for me too.

      Bonus points for doing something different with the adjust the brightness screen.

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