EU PS Store Update 28/03/17 – Snake Pass, Kingdom Hearts & MLB The Show 17

It’s looking like a pretty decent on the PS Store, with a healthy smattering of different games and genres. Sony’s headliner is MLB The Show 17, which is consistently considered as one of the very best yearly sports games, but then it’s joined by the likes of RBI Baseball 17 and Old Time Hockey.

If North American sports aren’t your thing, then perhaps you’d like to be a snake in Snake Pass’ charmingly different puzzle platformer, or perhaps you’d like to return to Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix. Not only that, but it’s a great time to revisit some of last year’s biggest releases, with DLC for Final Fantasy XV, Mafia III – which also has a demo to try – and the concluding act to Dark Souls III’s DLC.


Here’s the full list from the EU PS Blog.


PS Vita


28th March

Battlefield 1

Dark Souls III

Mafia III

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Final Fantasy XV

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Ghost Recon Wildlands

MLB The Show 17



31st March

APB Reloaded

  • 400 G1C
  • 816 G1C
  • 1680 G1C
  • 3052 G1C
  • 4600 G1C
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  1. I’ll grab the demos, i enjoyed the previous Mafia games but unsure about an open-world one, and Heroes of the Monkey Tavern looks like an old school dungeon/rpg.

    • Well, Mafia has been open world since the first one, hasnt it?

      • An empty world devoid of content. Or Mafia 2 was just an empty world devoid of side activities and dull to play outside of the main story. It’s semi-open, if i recall correctly.

      • Well, they still are open world games, even if those open worlds are pretty empty. To todays standards, GTA 3 also feels quite empty, still no one would deny it is open world. And the original Mafia and GTA 3 came out within a year…

  2. I am constantly surprised by the number of games appearing on the store that I have never heard of. For example, Anoxemia, that’s the first time it has ever been mentioned on TSA, I’ve not seen a trailer or even an email from the dev or publisher about it to the TSA newsdesk. Indies really need to step up their game when it comes to marketing and publicising their titles.

  3. Never buy anything full price, but very interested in Snake Pass

  4. i’m beginning to think i was being too optimistic in suggesting the eu release of Kerbal Space Program might be in 2017.

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