Yes, We Unboxed A PlayStation VR As Well

What do you do when you get a fancy new piece of tech? You unbox it, of course, and if it just so happens that you’re one of the first to do so, you put a video of it on the internet. We’re actually about 5 days late on this, but with reviews of everything PSVR in the not too distant future, I figured we should join the unboxing video party. Spoilers: there’s lots and lots and lots of cables.

Keep an eye out for all out PSVR reviews and things over the next week!

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  1. Is it true that, while the PSVR is connected to the PS4, HDR won’t work?

    • 3D and HDR won’t work with the VR connected or used.
      I’m not sure about 4K with the Pro, time will tell.

      • 4K works, but yeah, no HDR and 3D is awkward.

      • It seems strange that 3D doesn’t work as the headset is naturally 3D.

        Still there aren’t that many 3D games, so nobody is really missing out.

  2. Also you don’t look like how I expected lol, you sort of look like Jack Whitehall lol

    • I’m surprised too Tef! Kris and Peter sort of look like they sound but you’re a bit of a surprise! A nice one though, and much sexier than Jack Whitehall.

      I was warming up for a pisstaking of all the wires but after seeing them I’m in shock. Utter shock! I knew it would be a mess but that is a disaster, at least the little processing box does that slidey thing that does look handy. I skipped a few parts of the video (buffering boredom) so hopefully this isn’t a silly question, is it quite quick and easy to set up and then put away just the headset part, once the rest is tidily installed under your telly? Looking forward to the review, there had better be some video of one of you guys smiling and looking around like melon :)

  3. …and this is a wonderful reason as to why finicky peripherals/gadgets are such a turn-off at times.

    Still, I do think the headset itself looks lovely. Top marks there. :-)

  4. Not a fan of unboxing videos but a combination of a stunning product, a soulful voice and a stunning beard, I actually really enjoyed this!

    Looking forward to the reviews. Really would like this for my Christmas and have been dropping very unsubtle hints but I do want to hold off for the first reviews.

    • Damn, used the same adjective twice in my quest for alliteration. Let’s try again. Stunning. Soulful. Superbly Symmetrical.

  5. Oh dear. We’re gonna look back at this in a couple of years and laugh. What a complete mess!

    • The beard, right? :P

    • Agreed, there’re way too many cables in there for my tastes. The back of my TV stand is already a mess when you look to what’s hidden behind it, but adding this would turn it into stuff for nightmares :).

      Maybe a PS5 with built in VR will be a better solution, but the way they’re pulling it off for the PS4 is, to keep it safe for work, not that elegant ;).

  6. Nice unboxing, great to see everything plugged in too!

    One additional thing i would also like to see is how much freedom of movement the cables provide once you are wearing the headset. I mean, if your PS4 is beside your tv and you sit where you would normally sit which is probably 6 feet or more from the tv, and you’ll want the cable hanging behind you … how much freedom of movement is left in those cables.

  7. “.. put everything back EXACTLY in the place it came from.”

    Now that’s impressive, really :).

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