Sony List The VR Experiences And Film Services Available For PlayStation VR

“It’s not just games,” is the message from Sony today with the PlayStation blog revealing an interesting list of virtual reality experiences and video services. There are some big names attached including national treasure David Attenborough and Hollywood voice acting talent from Ethan Hawke.


The full list of PlayStation VR 'experiences' available at launch

Journey to a city in the clouds in this VR movie of love and sacrifice, featuring a stirring soundtrack and hand-crafted visuals.

Atomic Ghost Fleet

The full list of PlayStation VR 'experiences' available at launch

Descend into the remote tropical waters around the Bikini Atoll and come face to face with an undisturbed marine world of extraordinary shipwrecks.

Cocos Shark Island

The full list of PlayStation VR 'experiences' available at launch

Travel 240 miles off the coast of Costa Rica in the heart of the Pacific Ocean to the incredible Cocos Island – described by legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau as “the most beautiful island in the world”.

This tropical ecosystem is a mecca for schools of exotic fish – and hungry sharks. Join a team of research scientists as they dive into this underwater paradise at feeding time to observe 360 degrees of this thrilling event.

David Attenborough’s First Life VR

The full list of PlayStation VR 'experiences' available at launch

Go on a journey of discovery to the Cambrian Oceans of 540 million years ago as David Attenborough reveals the dawn of life – and introduces you to the earliest inhabitants of an amazing marine world.

Littlestar VR Cinema

The full list of PlayStation VR 'experiences' available at launch

Plug into the leading entertainment network dedicated exclusively to virtual reality, 360 degree video and fully immersive experiences, featuring the best content from channels like ABC, Showtime, Discovery, Nat Geo, A+E, Disney and more.

Harmonix Music VR

The full list of PlayStation VR 'experiences' available at launch

Unlock the virtual reality potential of your music collection and see your favourite songs in incredible new ways.

Add your chosen tunes to a USB stick, plug into your PS4 and let Harmonix Music VR conjure a unique visual projection to fit the rhythm – including a transforming alien beach, a psychedelic kaleidoscope, an artistic 3D canvas and an intense VR dance party.


The full list of PlayStation VR 'experiences' available at launch

Become part of an animated alien invasion movie starring Ethan Hawke that was shown at the Cannes, Tribeca and Toronto film festivals.


The full list of PlayStation VR 'experiences' available at launch

Transport yourself to a magical realm using the mystic arts of tarot and astrology, brought to life in a beautiful handmade, Gothic style.


The full list of PlayStation VR 'experiences' available at launch

Explore a whole host of VR channels and stream video from a diverse range of categories and trending content.


The full list of PlayStation VR 'experiences' available at launch

Discover the finest VR storytelling from a range of creators within a single app, from tales of imagination to incisive documentaries.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. They all look quite good and just like anything new, VR needs plenty of diversity in games AND movies.

    But the quality needs to be good though.

  2. The first three look really interesting especially if you’re into natural history, which I am. The others look like they maybe worth a look too.

    It seems Sony want VR to be the next big thing and seem to be putting a lot of support behind the PSVR, which is great news.

  3. Are their any real games coming out this year still? Ones that aren’t for people with expensive hats?

    Because Sony seem to be doing a good job of not mentioning them at the moment. Or they’re all getting delayed. I assume an announcement of a delay to The Last Guardian is coming in the next couple of weeks too.

    • I saw a bit of promotional tat for TLG at EGX, no game details though. EGX was a little flat this year and the PSVR sessions there were, well, underwhelming… consider me unconvinced.

    • It was already announced TLG is delayed until late November. But yeah, it seems awfully dull in new exclusive releases.

      • That just means the announcement that TLG is delayed until 2017 has been delayed. Next couple of weeks, it’ll be “delayed until February”. Then it’ll be “we didn’t say _which_ February”. And eventually it’ll be “PS5 launch title in 2019”. Followed by another 6 month delay while quickly Googling “Duke Nukem Forever” to find out how long that took and when they need to release it to break that record.

      • I might be quite interested in TLG come to think of it, it’s been that long and interest had been lost, but now it’s the only game I can think of that might be interesting to play on my PS4. If they did delay it further, it would be a shame.

        Rumour has it GT Sport may come in February which doesn’t sound too bad a delay, and it fills up early next year with something a bit lighter. Quite interested in TSA’s “what’s coming in 2017” or some such article this year. Really haven’t kept track of things like Detroit or God of War 4, presumably they’re all coming 2017.

  4. Some of these are on GearVR.

    I cancelled my pre order though, I’m concerned by the bad resolution.

  5. Okay, only knowing that there are lots of these 360 VR things for phones that are flat images you just look around, can I be stupid and ask are these things all 3D?

  6. Not ready to lay down the moolah just yet but I’d love to try it out. I’m more interested in the experiences aspect than the gaming aspect if I’m being completely honest with myself.

  7. I’m quite impressed by all the content. VR diving at the Cocos Island must be great, and a lot of the stuff sounds good. Question will be, of course, how much it would cost on top of the gear to get access to these goodies.

    I’m increasingly tempted to get PSVR, still haven’t ordered. I may impulsively go down to the shop on the 13th, really early in the morning and try my luck, but I’m still on the fence.

    • I’ve preorder and some of these intrigue me, but I’m the same in wondering how much these will cost, it’s so close to release but i feel like i still don’t know how or where to get certain software and experiences! ?
      Why isn’t or hasn’t there been a specific PSVR section in the ps store for months now with prices and preorders?

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