While You Wait For Your PSVR To Be Delivered Why Not Watch One Being Ripped Apart

The more technically minded amongst you may be interested in the latest PlayStation VR video in which Sony Interactive’s mechanical design director Takamasa Araki dissects the new hardware with clinical precision.

The video is a little light on details but you do get to see what is inside that shiny headset.

Source: YouTube

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  1. It is pretty painful waiting for mine to be delivered

    • A long wait for me, 4.30 – 5.30pm.

      • Sorry chaps mine has arrived and I’m loving it.

    • Should have gone to a shop* to get one. Seems like lots of places have them in stock today.

      (* for the younger readers, a shop is a large building that will give you a variety of goods in exchange for many forms of payment without having to wait for someone to come and throw it over the fence when you’re not looking)

      • I might have gone to one of those shop thingse but the nearest is over 40 miles away. I’ve waited months for one so another few hours isn’t the end of the world, but it is annoying.

      • Also known as the Yodel Clause.

        Yodel gets to abuse your package and you get to have a terrible time explaining that you didn’t get it but Yodel has it down as delivered until you reach Kratos levels of rage and make the angriest cuppa of all time whilst reaching max tutting.

      • Yoda gets to abuse your package?? That sounds like something horrifying from some baffling Star Wars based porn.

        Which is a thing. Apparently. A friend told me so.

      • No, Yodel does that. Yodel is basically Yoda but more of a dick and likely to pull your pants down every time you pull them up using the force.

      • Luckily Yodel didn’t have my package, it was DPD, where you can follow the driver on a map. Although the driver always seems to take the long way round, like he’s delivering parcels to other people before me?

      • @Camdaz Check google maps, it’s likely that the driver knows of a Mcdoughnuts en-route?

        @Steven & MrYD Best that Herpes…..sorry Hermes don’t get the call to infiltrate the package!
        Oh! and a shop is a big building that offers all of the goodies you could possibly carry (forgetting H&S measures….straight back etc.) during a riot :P

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