Ubisoft Explain How To Play Eagle Flight On PSVR

Our chums from across the Channel have posted a short video explaining what you can do in both the single and multi player portions of Eagle Flight, the new game coming to PlayStation VR on November 8th.


There are three modes, Free Flight, Multiplayer, and Story, the latter being the journey of an eagle learning to fly and conquering Paris, divided into five chapters.

“In the Story mode, you will encounter various enemy archetypes – the vulture, the bat and the falcon,” explains Charles Huteau, creative director at Ubisoft Montreal. “Vultures can go fast and be a nuisance but cannot attack you back. Bats rarely attack you, but they have a powerful echo shield that can block your attacks. Falcons have all the same abilities that you do, so they can shield themselves from your Eagle Screech attack and attack you back. Then there’s the Black Falcon, which is the most powerful and dangerous enemy due to its extended life and endurance.”

The game is also coming to Oculus Rift on 18th October, and HTC Vive on December 20th.

Source: Ubisoft

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  1. It looks like it could be a fun way to loose yourself for a few hours but I don’t think controlling your bird by head movements. It would have been better to use the DS4/Move controllers and have the head movements to look around.

  2. The game looks great but I wouldn’t pay the current asking price for it.

    Thankfully, my sister really wants to fly around Paris in VR, I’ll let her buy it. I paid for the fancy hat she keeps stealing after all.

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