EU PS Store Update 18/10/16: Battlefield 1, Mordheim, And Batman

This week’s store update marks the beginning of the holiday sales war as Battlefield 1 releases, though Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is vying for attention through the beta which will run again this weekend. This week also sees Batman: Return To Arkham release as well as Mordheim: City Of The Damned, The LEGO Harry Potter Collection, and Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs.

In case you missed it the World of Final Fantasy demo went live yesterday too.




  • Pixel Gear (October 20th)


  • Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs (October 21st)

PS Vita


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  1. Jackbox 3 for me! Love those games and I love that Exist Archive has made its way over but I don’t have the funds for it yet. Rockband Rivals is also out but I’m having issues buying it as I have a disc version and it seems to think I can’t buy the expansion on its own unless I bought it on the psn store. Weird.

  2. Also Bug Butcher is fantastic for anyone wanting Pang-styled gaming. WAY better than the Pang update on ps4.

  3. I just spotted Machinarium, charming little puzzle adventure but i already got it on PS3.

  4. Reus over 20 quid?
    it’s a good game and all, but they’re asking more than three times the price of the PC version.
    and the “deluxe edition” bonuses?
    a theme and some avatars, wow, totally worth three times the price. ¬_¬

    and the “free to play” Tomorrow Children is still like 17 quid.
    but it’s early access though, then why the bloody hell can’t we get Ark?

    i was hoping Machinarium would be cross buy, but alas, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    ooh, the Final Fantasy demo is on Vita too.
    shame i can’t find my bloody charger cable.
    damn sony and their proprietary connectors.

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