Red Dead Redemption 2 Announced, Out Autumn 2017

Rockstar have once again surprised everyone by not drawing out the reveal of the next title and have confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 is in production. The game will be releasing in Autumn 2017, with a trailer coming on October 2oth.

It will launch on PS4 and Xbox One, there’s no mention of a PC version but we expect that would follow at a later date.


According to the official site Red Dead Redemption 2 will be an epic tale set in America’s heartland, and this location will also provide a foundation for an online experience, which is what the Red Dead Online trademark is likely referring to.

“With Red Dead Redemption 2, the team is working hard to push forward our vision for interactive entertainment in a truly living world,” said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. “We hope to deliver players an epic experience that builds upon everything we’ve learned making games. ”

Source: Rockstar

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  1. What a disappointing title lol I don’t what I was expecting but not Red dead redemption 2 that’s for sure

  2. YEEHAW!!! indeed =D

    • We had a lot of fun – plus Avengerr, ron_mcphatty, gazzagb and McProley – with the multiplayer. Perhaps we can posse up again for a reunion! ;)

      • YEEHAW!!!

      • You must’ve meant someone else mate I’m still an RDR virgin :) Looking forward to having a play though, I’ve been convinced by several TSAians to go west.

      • I wouldn’t mind getting in on that – loved RDR so this can’t come soon enough… the only bad thing about this announcement is the length of the wait!

      • Make sure to not confuse it with Adam West!

      • My bad ron, thought it was you as well ;)

        No prob Lyts, you’d be more than welcome!

  3. Should have called it Red Dead Revelations.

  4. Had my bets on Red Dead Retribution.

    Guess Revolver is no longer canon? :-P

    • Yeah i thout Retribution was a good fit, but Revelations would have been good as Steelhead suggests above.

      But we get the not so inspiring Redemption 2. For the third installment in the series.

      Pedantry aside, it WILL be amazing, this is Rockstar Games.

  5. Bit naff. Expected a longer period of teasing.

    I hope they don’t mean that they’ll do what they did with GTAV, focus all support on the online portion at the cost of the single player portion.

    Also, someone made a typo. ;) Tis a certain date involving a certain letter.

    • To be fair, GTA V’s story was one of the most complete, bug free open worlders of the last gen and worked beautifully off the disc. It needed no support or DLC, it was just beautiful :) That all bodes very well for Red Dead Rewhatever!

      • True but there was teased(unoffically) DLC and implications that they would support it with DLC afterwards. I mean, look at the sheer amount of cosmetic stuff on Online. Compared to GTAV’s SP, Online gets all of it. SP doesn’t. Would be nice if they announced it ahead of time that there would be nothing at all for SP.

        RDR2 could end up being the same or worse, they do online first and tack on SP. I may need to bingedrink tea if that occurs.

  6. Gotta wait a whole year :(

    I wish they’d just announce and release in 6 months or less. Let’s face it they could release this next week and it’d sell millions without any build up or real marketing!

    I wonder if it’ll get a Scorpio update/version, in which case it’ll be the title that makes me buy one…

    • Won’t it HAVE to get a Scorpio enhancement? in the same way that you have to make your game on PS4 pro better.

      • Arguably that only applies to titles released after the console, which this may or may not be. Before is down to how generous the publisher wants to be. Although can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t, even if it’s just the same improvements as the PS4 pro version, with maybe a few even higher res textures.

  7. Day 1 digital on both sides of the fence if it looks half as good as RDR and GTA V. I’ve never wanted just to fast forward a whole year but I do now :D

  8. Was hoping for Red Dead Refreshments, but this’ll do nicely.

    • Red Dead Refurbishment was my bet.

    • No one guessed Red Dead Relaxation, where you bathe outside in a horse trough all day and lurch around all evening in long johns with your arse on show, telling everyone at the local whore house how proud you are of your kids and gambling responsibly at blackjack before getting a good nights sleep next to a sensibly lightened bottle of whisky? I’m surprised.

    • Redder Deader Redemption: The College Years

      • Haha, nice ones fellas :D
        I think Red Dead Restaurateur would have had some potential too, not to mention Red Dead Rhubarb (the Wii U version)

  9. Awesome, can’t wait to hear more about the story and if it’s a direct sequel with Jack, or if they explore a bit more of John’s life.

    • Apparently(May have been gamer of Euro i saw it on) it is a prequel and characters from RDR1 will appear in it. Doubt it’ll be John though as his story is over and well, they can’t really do much due to the ending and well, can take away from certain situations.

      That and if they go further with Jack, it kinda reduces the genre it is in and pushes it into another one.

  10. I was sure they’d called it “Red Dead Rocking Horse”

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