Call Of Duty Is “The Greatest Deal In Gaming You’ll Find This Year” Claims Dev

Infinity Ward’s Eric Monacelli has been singing the praises of both Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the remastered version of Modern Warfare. Both games will be available to purchase in one pack and Eric is eager to stress just how much value for money you are getting.

“As a fan of the franchise and thinking as a consumer, it’s a phenomenal value and likely the greatest deal in gaming you’ll find this year,” said Eric. “Just consider the sheer number of hours you’re going to spend playing both campaigns then both multiplayer games…and you’ll still have Zombies in Spaceland to enjoy. 400 hours? 500 hours? More? It’s incredible quality and value. It’s like getting five games for a price that’s less than what you’d pay to buy two games.”


“As a developer working on the games, I couldn’t think of a better, more immersive collector’s package for our fans,” he added.

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  1. Ahem let me clear my throat…..


  2. Not that this guy is biased in any way whatsoever. Tried the “space Wars” beta and hated it, just give me cod 4 remaster on its own please, im not paying for a game i dont want just to get one that i do want.

  3. Hmm, let’s see what is out just before COD.

    Skyrim remastered: 200+ hours, tons of replayability, 2 of the DLC adds at least 40 hours to the game and generally has a lot more content then a linear FPS.

    Battlefield 1: Average campaign left(Just me assuming that), unique setting by using WW1 and BF’s MP seeming to improve or be slightly different then the last with each game.

    Final Fantasy XV(Though i can’t recall if that got delayed or not: Final Fantasy tends to have 60 hour plus with it’s content. Add onto the open world aspect again. Potentially hundreds of hours.

    Dishonoured 2: Ok, may not be in the hundreds but if they learnt from DH1, it may have a lot of side bits and hopefully, both PCs will have seperate branching stories. 50-60 hours potential.

    Watch Dogs 2: Ok, this could be hit or miss but let’s say 20 hours with a fair amount of side stuff.

    The AC:Ezio Collection: Assuming each game takes 40 hours to complete, just the main story, 120 hours. Side content? hundreds. Bloody feathers.
    I am aware i went a bit past COD’s date but let’s look at COD.

    COD:IW: A linear FPS that is heavily compared to Killzone. MP could last hundreds of hours but average, i probably say varies a lot. Story seems to be meh(based on the one advert i saw on the telly the other day with Jon Snow as the villian and literally told me nothing about the game.) MP is slowly to fall out of favour with gamers. The MW remaster being available if you have the super duper elite sniper echo foxtrot shield edition is seperate thus doesn’t count. The modes of MP, overall, not much in terms of content. Just depends on how much one enjoys it.

    To claim that this is the greatest deal in all of gaming is just pure horsebollucks. I could get several hundred hour games easily but going down to Game or CEX, getting a few RPGs, few open world games, a few games etc.. and that would be a better use of my money. Would be the greatest deal in gaming i would find this year. Heck, I can just boot up DAO:UE, play through all of the content and probably be in the 200+ hour mark. (I like to take my time).

    This developer’s claim is horsebollucks. It is also a bad idea to mention hundreds of hours whenever an RPG or two is nearby. They kinda beat up FPSes in terms of who has more content. ;)

  4. Time I would spend playing Infinite Warfare multiplayer = 0 hours.

    It’s like getting five games for a price that’s less than what you’d pay to buy two games.”

    It’s not like getting 5 games at all, it’s not even like getting 3 games.

    It’s £79.99 on the PS Store, so it’s definitely not cheaper than buying two games.

    It’s not your day is it, Eric?

  5. I’ll be spending precisely zero hours playing it. Haven’t touched a COD game since MW3 and most likely never will again.

    Greatest deal in gaming? Biggest pile of tripe in entertainment more like.

  6. Destiny has cost me around £120 including DLC and I’ve sunk over 500 hours into that at my last check, I cannot see any COD game lasting me that length of time.

    That said I’ve gone halves with my kid brother on this one so we can play MW again.

    • Ok, so it’s closer to 1200 hours on Destiny, I think I have a problem.

  7. Offer MW:Remastered on it’s own and you’ll have a customer, Mr. Monacelli.

  8. How is it five games? I could play Mario Kart for 400 hours, doesn’t make it more than one game.

    Gears 4 came with Gears 1, 2, 3, and Judgement. That’s five games, for 60 USD. And you get MP, and the PC version of Gears 4. So I guess it’s actually like eleven games? :-P

  9. Never ever played COD in my life…don’t intend to…pointless crap.

  10. Marketing pr bollocks at it’s best. As Kenny says, Gears 4 has far more content due to all the games you get with it. Can’t think of much worse (gaming-wise) than playing cod multiplayer for 500 hours!

    • Any games by a certain indie developer. I think that could count as worse then 500 hours of COD MP. ;)

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