Spot The Subtle Differences In These Xbox One S Adverts

It’s Christmas, yes it is don’t argue, and millions of dollarpounds are being spent on either side of the Atlantic to woo gamers in to buying consoles. Microsoft have posted two new adverts which at first glance are identical, but there are some small differences between the British and American adverts. Let’s take a look.

It appears that over in the United States, Xbox One is the only console with nearly 1,000 games whilst in the U.K. the “only” has been dropped. The UK advert clearly states that “Over 100” exclusives are also available on PC, whilst the American advert makes no mention of the PC version. Xbox One only has over 100 exclusives if you count the games also available to PC gamers.

The American advert also claims that Xbox One S is the best selling console in America, which is true, but only for the past couple of months. Since launch back in 2014 PlayStation has consistently outsold Xbox pretty much everywhere, including America.

The claims about Xbox One having the fastest and most reliable network are a little, well, subjective, as this claim is based entirely on a small group of peoples opinions rather than a wide scale tech test.

Marketing, eh?

Source: YouTube 1/2, as spotted by PSL

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  1. “which is true, but only for the past couple of months”

    Who wants the truth anyway.


    (*on Sunday 3rd October 2016 for two hours at Wallmart).


  3. It’ll be because of the ASA, they don’t want a No Mans Sky situation. They’ll be a few Sony fans looking for something to report ms over. On the network part though, anyone who’s used them both for years knows xbox live is faster and more reliable, and always has been.

    • Dunno in my opinion my Xbone internet just runs as good my PS4 I see no difference personally

      • Haven’t got a ps4 but my experience on ps3 & vita is always so slow to download (no it’s not my internet), and random disconnects & maintenance downtime.

      • I’ve had some bad experiences on both to be fair. I’ve generally found Xbox Live to be a more pleasant experience, but that’s more because of the online integration of Xbox One and the various features than the service’s reliability or speed.

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