Sony And ESL Team Up For A Series Of PlayStation Tournaments

Sony have been pushing their community features quite hard on the PlayStation 4 of late, adding things like Communities and Events to the system software last year. The next logical step is to give all of this a bit of an eSports slant, with a new partnership with ESL and the first series of PlayStation Tournaments.

Practically anyone with a PS4 can take part, signing up to play via the ESL Play and PlayStation apps, or just heading to the Tournaments tab in the Events section of the PDM – you will need to have or create an ESL account. The first tournament will be run in NBA 2K17, to align with the start of the NBA season, but Mortal Kombat X, Project Cars, FIFA 17 and WRC5 are also part of this, letting you contend for the ESL Community Cups.

There’s also going to be regular weekend Contender Cups, in smaller games like Tricky Towers and Tumblestone, as well as Go4 Cups, where you’ll compete for prizes.

Marcel Menge, Managing Director ESL Technology said, “We’re incredibly excited to be able to offer this seamlessly integrated solution for the most passionate esports fans. ESL’s mission is to bring competitive gaming to fans around the world, and when doing so, to create an environment that allows them to fully focus on their gaming skills. In the partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment, we’re going to host hundreds of weekly tournaments for players from any corner of the world. Anyone who wants to try their hand at competitive gaming, can now easily do so across a wide variety of titles.”

Source: press release, EU PS Blog

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  1. A great way of finding out if you have what it takes to be a pro gamer, sadly I don’t think I’m good enough.

    French gaming studio Bigben Interactive have just announced an officially licensed Pro controller for PS4. No pics of it though.

  2. Just give me the prizes

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