Analysts Suggest Titanfall 2 Sales Will Be “Disappointing”

Doug Creutz, a market analyst working for Cowen, has advised investors that his rating for EA has dropped from outperforming their predicted targets to market perform. In other words, they aren’t doing as well as he had initially predicted.

The reason for this is that, according to Doug, Titanfall 2 will be a bit of a flop. “”We are downgrading EA shares … because we believe that ‘Titanfall 2’ sales are going to be substantially disappointing, enough to offset upside from ‘Battlefield 1′” he wrote.


That seems a little odd considering Titanfall 2 is available on two consoles this time rather than one, but a quick glance at my online friends reveals that apart from myself, just one other person is playing the game. That’s not good on release day.

By the way, I’m streaming the game now you can watch here.

Source: CNBC

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  1. Gamers are like elephants when you dont give them your last rolo. They dont forget. If you pick a side with your first game, expect a trunk to the face when you try and sell them the second. I imagine Tomb Raider will have suffered a similar fate. Ner ner, ner ner ner!

  2. The phase “no shit” springs to mind. I really enjoyed the original Titanfall on Xbox One and have the sequel on my radar but it seems crazy to release in between COD and Battlefield.

  3. Thats a shame, bf1 is good but im absoloutley loving titanfall 2. Deffo should have spaced them out

  4. It seems to me that EA were unsure that their usual fans would like going back to World War 1, so gave them a space shooter as well to go up against CoD.

  5. I went on Amazon to buy Titanfall 2 at the weekend. It was sold out.

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