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niallod55, RFC2007, colmshan1990, parryman, @garrenhonk5, @laserobsidian, @hauntingpride12, @bbaxter211, @lightssour1, @ScurvylemonDrun, @perluggla, @turkeybaster243, @gaztee72, @fancy_purge, @83_digital, @squelchspades, @lyonUK, @Tomhlord, @5_filth, @matthangzhou

Congrats to those whose names came out of the hat. We’ll be sending out codes in the next couple of hours.

Did you get yourself a shiny PlayStation VR in the last month? Would you like something new and a bit different to beam directly into your eyeballs? We’re hosting a Weeping Doll giveaway that can sate that desire.

Coming from Oasis Games and TianShe Media, this is a story-driven psychological adventure in which dolls come to life, in which you play as a maid trying to uncover what on Earth is going on in this Japanese family’s Victorian-style house.


We’ve got 20 European PSN codes to giveaway, so we’ll keep things nice and simple. You can enter either by stating your interest in the comments below as well as by retweeting the following tweet. Bonus points (but not bonus entries) for suggesting alternate verbs for these dolls to be doing. Strutting Doll? Cooking Doll? Make me want to reply with a “LOL” while keeping an emotionless straight face.

Winners will be drawn at random from the pool of entries, with the window of opportunity closing at 1PM UK time on Saturday 12th November. You can enter twice – once in the comments and once on Twitter – but only win once per person. We’ll contact winners via Twitter DM or the email attached to you TSA account. Our decisions in all matters are final.

Good luck!

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  1. Has the bottom fallen out of your world? Experience a Purging Doll and let the world fall out of your bottom.

    [I don’t a have a PSVR though so my entry is just for sh*ts and giggles. ;)]

  2. Living Doll?

    *Struts like Cliff Richard*

  3. You (well, Mr Tuffcub) gave it 2/10. The metacritic score is 32. I think it might be a struggle to give away 20 copies.

    Oh, crap. Have I accidentally entered by pointing that out?

  4. This sounds like a… fun… game.

  5. Needing a new game for the Psvr so I’ll give it a shot.

  6. I hereby register my interest.

    Also, “Deflating doll”.

  7. Just got my PSVR so my wallet would appreciate me not spending more on it!
    Boy did the cost quickly ramp up!
    Totally worth it though :)

  8. I’ve actually just run out of PSVR games to play… And it is definitely better than this utterly buggy Call of Duty demo… So, why not..? ;o)

  9. If its for PSVR count me in.

  10. Doll Of Duty. I know…. its not a verb, but I felt the need :D

    • I vote this entry up for a code!

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