Cancer Charity Fundraiser Started On No Man’s Sky Subreddit To Mark Silence From Devs

It has been approximately three months since Sean Murray directly spoke about No Man’s Sky, with the official Twitter going silent soon after launch bar that time where it was apparently commandeered by a disgruntled employee calling the game a mistake.  Now a campaign on the No Man’s Sky subreddit has begun to donate money to Cancer Research UK, with the hopes it will also get Sean Murray to talk.

One of the moderators of the subreddit, Barky1911, put the post up originally and clarified that money will be donated whether Sean Murray comments or not.


So the other mods and myself have been speaking about having a fundraiser type deal where we raise money for charity. Since we just hit 90 days of 0 communication about the game I thought now is a great time. What I saw in a thread yesterday was somebody saying they would donate if Sean Murray didn’t speak by the 100th day, and that to me is silly because I doubt he will. He’s got your money and he’s probably gone for good, Sony NDA maybe, but I doubt it. Right now the charity the money will be going to is Cancer Research UK who do some amazing stuff. Their governance cost is 1% for those who care. We will be donating regardless of whether Sean Murray speaks or not.

So what I thought would be a good idea is we have the fundraiser, and if Sean doesn’t speak up by the 110th day, which is 20 days away, we’ll do something a bit more local, with the subreddit, instead of giving him any more ‘reasons’ to not speak again.

However there is some concern that some users may promise to donate only if Sean Murray does speak about No Man’s Sky in the next couple of weeks. If he doesn’t speak and people don’t donate as a result then some may construe that as Sean not caring about charity, which would be a bit unfair on him. His reputation has already taken quite a hit so there’s no need to add fuel to the fire. Currently the fundraiser is at £695 beating the original target of £500 which is good news for Cancer Research UK at least.

Source: Reddit

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  1. Ouch. Whilst there’s a good cause there, there is a hint of mockery added intentional or otherwise. I do wonder if the room Sean Murray has stored himself in hasn’t just been locked and bolted by the people. Will he ever come out and speak about the game and it’s future at this rate.

  2. I expect we won’t hear anything besides a patch note/announcement for the first content update, whenever that arrives.

  3. Still loving this game (just me then) and no matter what I’m buying the NMS disc goes back into the ps4. Imagine the meltdown if the next communication was ‘sorry for the silence but busy add vr supper for NMS’.

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