Reports Say A Version Of Pokémon Sun & Moon Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Just as Pokémon Sun and Moon are releasing on 3DS in Japan and North America – the EU release is next week – there’s a new rumour that the game is also coming to Nintendo Switch.  Multiple sources have confirmed this to Eurogamer, with the game having the codename Pokémon Stars and having been developed alongside Sun & Moon at Game Freak.

It follows the tradition where Pokémon games are released in pairs, with exclusive Pokémon, slightly different enemies to battle and so on, only to be followed up with a third version of the game that expands and revises some of the game’s features. So Pokémon Red & Blue were followed by Yellow, Gold and Silver were followed by Crystal, and so on.


Pokémon Stars would follow in those footsteps, but also take the series to a new platform. Though the Switch is a portable Nintendo device, the company are pitching it as more of a home console than an outright portable, letting it live alongside the Nintendo 3DS for the foreseeable future. If this pans out, it will be the first time that the main Pokémon series comes to a home console.

Considering how much we like the game on 3DS, you can colour us a light shade of excited.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. This and a £199 price tag just makes the system irresistible.

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