Black Friday: Get Battleborn For £3.85

Suffice to say Gearbox’s shooter had a small problem when it launched, and it was called Overwatch. It trampled all over the competition but if you did fancy picking up a copy the Shop.To have it on PlayStation 4 for just £3.85.


If you spot any other good deals (like, games for less than the price of a Happy Meal) then let us know!

Source: ShopTo

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  1. Can’t go wrong at that price. Even if you try it and don’t like it, you can sell it on eBay or trade it in next week.

  2. It may be going free to play soon which is something that may be worth considering.

    • when previously retail games go free to play though, they often have bonuses for people who bought the game, that’s also a consideration.

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