Save Up To 66% In PlayStation’s Digital Flash Sale

If you’ve been eyeing up one or two digital games over the past few months then it may be worth checking out PSN’s latest flash sale. There’s a whole host of titles available, some of which are up to 66% off. Sony has yet to post a full list of prices though you can view them by clicking the links below.

A few quick higlights include Bound at £6.49, Fat Princes Adventures at £3.99, Mantis Burn Racing at £6.49, INSIDE at £7.39, and I Am Setsuna at £21.99.

Source: PlayStation Blog EU

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  1. Reads like a year of ps plus games, which brings me to the downer. Roulette for which game becomes next month’s free one. Do you dare risk it…

    • That use to be in my mind every month but I am not going to renew my PSN subscription next week and I will experience the full joy of buying in the sales.

      Plus hasn’t worked for me the last two years. I don’t play multiplayer and I only enjoyed one game from the monthly free games (Tropico 5). Out of all the rest, I either had the game or didn’t care.

      I know is silly but I feel like someone gave me 40£ to spend in games I like.

    • When I read comments like that on the PS blog it always baffles me; there are 24 PS4 Plus games a year but there are hundreds of games a year on sale and yet a lot of commenters expect most games on sale to enter the IGC – the math doesn’t add up.

      I know you are not saying that it definately will end up on Plus but still…

      • My first reply was for stonyk by the way.

        @Arrebato Tarugo

        Well, you are not getting the full joy of buying in the sales when (and that happens more often than not) there are further discounts for Plus members.

  2. Finally Abzú and ADR1FT in a sale.

    Ordered Abzú, ADR1FT and INSIDE. Thanks :D

  3. Thanks for the info, need to go through the list, but was waiting for Inside to be on sale already quite a while, will at least get that. :o)

    By the way: Does anyone else think the PS store on mobile is one of the worst websites out there? Or is it just my mobile? (login doesn’t work on FF, incorrect content, still Dying Light for £59.99 when entering the store, there is no sales section, after about 5 to 10 pages the background image is displayed on top everything else and it becomes unusable, etc.).

    • Yes through Chrome PS Store is unusable but it’s OK through the PS app, Not brilliant but just about useable. It’s been like this for ages for me.

      • Ok, thanks. Problem is my PS app just opens the browser, so doesn’t change anything for me. But that’s probably because I’m on an old version of the app. Tells me I have to update at some point.

  4. God yes! This is the sale I was after <3 Goodbye any attempt of a bank account this year.

  5. Really tempted by INSIDE and Unravel at those prices.
    I very nearly bought INSIDE for £11 on Steam the other day!

    • If you played (and enjoyed) Limbo, Inside is phenomenal.

  6. Is this for the UK only?.

    Some interesting stuff on offer but after pre ordering FF15 & looking to buying TLG shortly I will hold off.

  7. Two games, AZBU and Inside, before 10am.

    My name is Carlos and I have a problem.

  8. More temptation, would like to grab Inside and ABZU but i really have enough to be getting on with.

  9. Absolute Drift for me! Sod the Plus Roulette game, I’m buying it.

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