Telltale Reveal New Trailers For The Walking Dead And Guardians Of The Galaxy

Fresh from the The Game Adverts last night we have a teaser trailer which confirms what everyone knew already, Telltale are doing Guardians of the Galaxy. There is also a trailer for the ‘A New Frontier’, the next series from their Walking Dead arc.

Source: YouTube 1/2

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  1. “rad mix”?
    not “awesome mix”?

    i wonder what that means for the game and whether it will have any direct connection to the movie.

    it’s clearly inspired by the movie from the logo and the personal stereo.

    will it have the movie casts voices?

    anyway, can’t wait to see more.

    the IPs i’d really like to see Telltale tackle are Red Dwarf and The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.
    both with the original voice casts.

    • How would you do Hitchhiker’s with the original voice casts? The actor who did Slartibartfast is dead, and most importantly the actor that voiced The Book is dead too.

      And it would have to be completely different (as all the other versions are) and would fail horribly if Douglas Adams wasn’t involved. Like that 6th book someone wrote. Think how well his famous quote about deadlines would apply after being dead for 15 years.

      Now, Red Dwarf could work.

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