Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Episode 4 Review

Things aren’t looking so good for the Guardians after the end of the last episode, and to be honest, things only get worse at the opening of the fourth episode. The Guardians can pull through it, but they’ll need your help to do so.

The opening credit run is a perfectly judged musical moment, with Put A Little Love In Your Heart by Jackie DeShannon playing while the Guardians fall from a ledge in the swiftly disintegrating Kree temple. Fortunately Peter’s rocket boots work just enough to slow his and Mantis’ descent, though the price for his heroism is the disturbance of another of the memories of his mother. Once again it’s a touching few scenes, and while her health is clearly worsening she still wants to enjoy her last experiences with Peter. You can amplify the moment, or not, though there seems little reason not to unless you’re playing a truly callous Starlord.

There are some light puzzles to work through once you’ve hit rock bottom, though one particular section which sees a drugged Groot is yet another example of clicking on everything in sight until the story progresses. Besides hallucinogenic fungi, there are also carnivorous tunnel worms lurking down here, and while you can befriend one of them, the other examples of its species aren’t so accommodating.

This episode also sees us gain an insight into Drax’ past, and thanks to Mantis’ powers we’re introduced to his daughter Kamaria and seeing him as a doting father. Given our knowledge of Drax’ tragic past, it’s a bittersweet moment and you’ll likely be torn between playing him as a hardened alien warrior and a loving father, though it’s just about possible to do both. Either way, it’s great to see the character fleshed out beyond the tragic comedic foil he seems to have become.

There’s an emotional double whammy with Gamora dealing with Nebula’s worsening condition, and you’re able to bring things towards a resolution between the two sisters, depending on how you’ve played things between them up to this point. Once again, I can’t really see why you wouldn’t want them to make up, but I guess you could just have a sick fascination with everyone being unhappy. I bet you’re the kind who plays as a Renegade in Mass Effect too.

The episodes big finale is a fantastic musical set piece, with Stone Cold Crazy by Queen blaring from the Milano’s speakers – though I wonder if I’d chosen differently whether our tape player would have still been on the ship – and it’s an action-packed race to escape, replete with a nod towards an iconic Star Wars moment. Don’t be surprised if your escape comes at a heavy cost though.

It’s safe to say that the Guardians are in even greater disarray at the end of the episode than they were at the beginning, and depending on how you’ve been playing you might even be a few Guardians down. This episode has some great emotional moments, which have been put together really well, while the voice actors have their chance to shine. It may not be the most action packed in the series thus far, it’s certainly one of the most memorable.

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