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The Last Of Us: Part II Revealed, Ellie And Joel Are Back

The PlayStation Experience briefing has just closed with a stunning trailer for The Last of Us Part II. Both Joel and Ellie are back, but it looks like some time has passed as Ellie is looking more mature.

Ellie is seen playing a guitar and singing a song with a bloodied body in front of her, and it sounds like she out for revenge. Naughty Dog have, in the past, been unsure about a sequel as the ending to the first game was pretty much perfect.

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  1. Wow! If anyone is going to take on such a sequel I think ND are the ones that have the bits and pieces required to make it something special.

  2. Yay that means the Multiplayer will be AWESOME!!!

  3. Great news. A shame it’s still early in development, so we won’t see it released before 2018.

    • Not sure how far development is gone…I watched the panel with Neil Druckman, Troy Baker and Ashley and it seems they have been filming scenes for the last 2 years…I got the impression its not just started anyway…

      Neil said a gameplay trailer will be coming…

      • I hope you’re right. I’ve watched part of that, as it was on when I tried to watch the keynote, and got a different impression, but I didn’t watch all of it.

      • I think they mentioned starting work two years ago but at what intensity is something we don’t know… do we? Either way, the PlayStation Experience interview panel thingie was awesome. Lovely to watch. :-)

  4. I have heard that they planned to kill off Joel via Ellie but I hope that is a false rumour as it would really suck and Ellie isn’t a murderer. I think it may be the Fireflies finding out where they are and after what happened in the first game, it will be a major factor for the begining. There is quite a lot of unanswered questions and I could see the army being a major part in it.

    Hopefully, they’ll do a UC2 instead of a UC3 with this.

    • Could be right…following the “end of the world” situation it seems the best defence is attack a la The Walking Dead so may it be that Ellie hunts the Fireflies as it is the only way they will ever be free from them?

      Although her hate suggests they have done something to piss her off.

      • I can see them killing Joel and this being the main cause of the story. THey have said it’s a story of Hate and killing off her father figure would be a way to do that. Hope not as that would be very rubbish and predictable. I think Joel and Ellie’s relationship may have a bit of tension due to what Joel did in the first one.

        The Fireflies will be out for his blood as well, he did what he did for a selfish reason but it also happened to be for a good reason as well.

      • Maybe after the end of the second game, Joel and Ellie head back to Joel’s brothers settlement to start a new life. After a few months (or years), the Fireflies find them and launch an attack after dark. Joel tricks Ellie into thinking they’re both escaping through a sewer grate but when Ellie jumps down he blocks it so she can’t follow him. Joel then goes back to rescue his brother but he has already been captured by the Fireflies and is then captured himself.

        Meanwhile, outside the settlement, Ellie has managed to find a vantage point overlooking the main courtyard of the settlement where various people are being held hostage by the Fireflies. Joel see’s her and signals for her to stay hidden.

        The new badass leader of the Fireflies demands they give up Ellie for the cure. He’s chained the hostages to a post in the courtyard In front of the main gate which is holding back several infected/clickers, drawn by the sound of gunfire. He orders one of his men to man the gate controls and tells Joel and the other hostages that he will open the gate unless they surrender Ellie’s whereabouts. They all refuse to speak and the order is given. Ellie is about to give herself up but Joel shakes his head. The gates open and the infected flood in and begin ripping the hostages to pieces. Ellie watches in horror.

        The leader of the Fireflies suspects Ellie is watching. Standing on the raised platform of the settlement he tells her that they are taking a hostage back with them (a love interest or close friend from the settlement – maybe Joel’s brother’s young child if it’s been a few years and not months).

        This is what drives Ellie into going after the Fireflies and avenging Joel and his brother. And off she goes on her adventure alone (plus hallucination Joel).

  5. My prediction –

    You start off playing as Joel for about an hour – Joel gets killed – Ellie cries – Intro (music etc plays) – Ellie pledges her revenge – The real game begins!

    Bit like the first episode – Play as Joel’s daughter – daughter dies – The real game begins!

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