The Last Of Us: Part II Revealed, Ellie And Joel Are Back

The PlayStation Experience briefing has just closed with a stunning trailer for The Last of Us Part II. Both Joel and Ellie are back, but it looks like some time has passed as Ellie is looking more mature.

Ellie is seen playing a guitar and singing a song with a bloodied body in front of her, and it sounds like she out for revenge. Naughty Dog have, in the past, been unsure about a sequel as the ending to the first game was pretty much perfect.

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  1. Goosebumps….

  2. Another letdown from Naughty Dog in my opinion; I thought they/we agreed on having ended the story arc of those two?!? Shite!

  3. Goddam the team at Naughty Dog are some fine artists and animators. Stunning and i can’t wait to pick up Joel & Ellie’s story from where it ended last time.

  4. Where exactly did Ellie get that God awful tattoo? They have tattoo artists in this post apocalyptic world do they?

    • Well if you can get a tattoo in prison, surely you can get one anywhere?

      • Yep, that’s where I got all of mine :)

    • Well, the Continental stereotype of a UK male is having tattoos all over. I’m quite surprised you consider tattoos something special in any possible world… ;o)

  5. Wow…great trailer…TLoU is just a masterpiece…if they progress it like they did with Uncharted…jeepers…

    • Bloody hell no, Uncharted was fucked up by the third game. TLoU has actually got foundations for a continuation and a good narrative, not the summer blockbuster character driven jazz of UC.

      • Lol what, yes UC3 is marmite but in no way was it a bad game, it was a brilliant sequel to UC2. I don’t get the hatred for it

      • It was shit to be honest. I really try to cut some games slack and balance things out a bit, but it was easily one of the worst games for story and gameplay, and that’s probably a testament to how brilliant UC2 was.

        It felt like everyone poured their efforts into the graphics (which were off the wall amazing) and forgot to make a game and write a script. I’ve no mercy for it.

      • I kinda agree with that UC3 is a bit crap but only because of the standards set by UC2. I felt it tried waaay too hard to outdo UC2 with it’s set pieces and parts of the game did come off as “Riiiiight. That was darn lucky and convient.” The entire ship level is unneccessary and a bit tedious. I mean, they do use it to serve the narrative but it is forced and unlike UC2’s train level, fails to have the same impact. Same with the plane.

      • UC3 was to Uncharted what Spider-Man 3 was to Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy… Lots of great ideas and action set pieces but somehow it just didn’t fit together very well.

        UC3 wasn’t a bad game IMO, it just couldn’t live up the pure brilliance of the second one (like Spider-Man).

        If you’re wondering why I’m talking about Raimi’s ancient Spider-Man movies (the first movie is 15 years old next year) and not the newer (awful) Spider-Man movies with Andrew Garfield, it’s because my Nephew is mad on Spider-Man (he actually thinks he is Spider-Man and won’t answer to his real name if he’s wearing the suit) and we just watched the whole Raimi’s trilogy this weekend, which he loved.

        Emo Peter Parker is still the most hilarious thing ever.

  6. No words. Best game ever made (in the genre anyway). So glad they’re continuing the story of Joel and Ellie. I know a few people won’t be happy about that but I trust ND and I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to deliver a game just as good or better than the original.

    • My initial hopes have always been that they leave Ellie & Joel alone, but this is mainly down to fear that they undermine the brilliance of the first game. It is the best game I have ever played. However, I guess we have to trust them and it all depends how I personally like or dislike the sequel. Although I’ve never really considered it, there is the possibility that their story gets even better, and that would be mind blowing!

  7. Maybe the fireflies attacked the community, or even killed Joel !

    Goosebumps. Gonna be a looooooong wait though

    • What? Joes was in the trailer!?!

      • Yeah but he could just be in Ellies mind! Just a theory lol.
        I don’t hold much hope for one of them surviving the game though

      • Joel did not look aged at all compared to her…maybe he was just in her mind…and that is what she is avenging?

        I’ve watched this trailer too many times now…

      • Maybe Ellie’s in Joel’s mind?

      • You’re probably spot on. That would be quite cool, a bit like some movie I saw a while back – something like dead man’s shoes – can’t be bothered to google it on my phone

      • So you’re saying that either Ellie or Joel lost their shoes, they caught a cold and they’re now having a fever induced hallucination of the other one?

        Makes sense.

      • It does now, but won’t tomorrow

  8. Stunning stuff. The ending to the first game really wasn’t that good, but it made a brilliant set up for a follow-up. I can’t wait for both the single player and muyltiplayer too.

  9. @mclaren



    I don’t think I saw his face and the story only takes place five years on…

  10. Incredible. The greatest game of all time gets a sequel.

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