Sea Of Solitude Revealed As Second EA Originals Title

Earlier this year EA revealed its Originals program where the publisher looks for unique titles being developed by small teams and offers funding to get the projects completed. It kind of started with Unravel but the first official EA Originals title was Zoink’s Fe. Now the second game from the program has been revealed to by Sea Of Solitude which is under development at Jo-Mei Games in Berlin.

The story follows the journey of Kay as she travels the Sea of Solitude to discover the and confront the monsters that haunt her, and they aren’t necessarily the giant beasts the live in the sea. There’s no release date for Sea of Solitude yet but EA and Jo-Mei will be releasing more details soon.

Source: EA

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  1. Lovely art style and the story/basis sounds intriguing.

  2. This looks amazing. Reminds me of Submerged which I loved the atmosphere of boating all on my own.

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