Tales Of Berseria Has A New Trailer Ahead Of Next Month’s Launch

The first part of 2017 is looking packed with games and one of them that will be vying for attention is Tales Of Berseria, the newest entry to the Tales JRPG series. This one focuses on the Daemonblight disease that infects all living things and turns them into monsters. One person who gets infected by it is the protagonist Velvet Crowe but she doesn’t completely succumb to it, able to wield power that can be used to fight the demons that infest the world.

To mark it being just over a month from launch Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for the game which highlights parts of the story and the characters. Going by the trailer Tales Of Berseria appears to be a much darker affair compared to other Tales titles.


Tales Of Berseria will be available from January 24th on PS4 and January 26th on PC. A demo will be available on both platforms from January 10th.

Source: Youtube

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  1. You mean the Censored Version?
    Thanks but… No, thanks!

    • One tiny change they made to get a lower rating outside of Japan?

      Not really worth worrying about, is it?

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