Destiny, Overwatch, Hitman And Plenty More Get Christmas Updates

Turning on my PlayStation 4 yesterday, I was greeted by what felt like 3 hours of notifications as every single game on my console decided it was time to get an update in time for Christmas. In fact, it was only about 10 games because the PS4 only automatically checks for some of your most recently played titles, and I’m sure not all of these were Christmas related.

The Dawning event has started in Destiny, having been announced back at PlayStation Experience. It’s a three week event, running until 3rd January, that heralds the return of the Sparrow Racing League, as well as adding new features like Strike scoring challenges and a bunch of new gear to unlock.


Overwatch also has a major new in game event, following on from its Halloween update. This time around, it’s all about Christmas and holiday cheer, as opposed to witches and ghosts. Finishing on 2nd January, you’ve got about three weeks to unlock holiday loot like new highlight intros and outfits – I need Mei’s Santa outfit – as well as adding Mei’s Snowball Offensive as the latest brawl game mode.

Way back in the 90s, two criminals menaced a young child that had been left behind by mistake as his family rushed to head off on holiday. They still haven’t learnt their lesson, and as a Parisian museum looks to celebrate the holidays, they’re trying to pull a fast one. Not if Agent 47 can help it.

Battlefield 1’s Giants Shadow map released for Premium Pass owners – everyone else can play this map from the 20th – alongside a spectator mode and Standard Issue Rifles designed to recreate the actual weaponry most commonly used in the trenches. Read about the update here.

It’s Winterfest in Paragon, coming hot on the heels of the Monolith update.

There was a Christmas twist to the update for Modern Warfare Remastered, which adds the remaining maps from the original game as well as a number of cosmetic tweaks that probably won’t go down too well with the die hard fans…

That includes a remaster of Winter Crash, which originally appeared for the PC and Mac versions of the original game, while Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has had an update that, despite claiming simple stability updates, has likely added the Genesis Holiday map makeover and a bunch of new things to unlock in the loot boxes. From tomorrow, 15th December, you’ll be able to download a free trial of the game.

Other updates are less festive, but always welcome. Rocket League got “Multiple bug fixes”, Killing Floor 2 had a number of crash bugs removed, and Watch Dogs 2’s 1.08 update got features like the ability to replay missions and get blueprints from enemy weapons, as well as a bunch of balancing and bug fixes.

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  1. Can anyone tell me why the PS4 needs so much space to perform an update? I had to clear 120Gb on my 2Tb HDD for a 2Gb update.

    I imagine it runs a file integrity check on the full game install before patching it – is it doing this on a copy of the install? A game like Destiny with all the expansions probably does take up 50Gb, so this is the only reason I can see that it should need this space. I also regularly get this problem with ESO updates.

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