Game Of The Year 2016 – Best Multiplayer

A great singleplayer campaign can be a fantastic experience, but many games look to keep you playing and engrossed for months after release with multiplayer. We’ve all been there, with backlogs of games that are getting bigger and bigger, only to reach for our favourite multiplayer game for the umpteenth time, settling in for yet another multi-hour session.

2016 has been a great year for multiplayer, to say the very least. Age-old rivals have gone head to head, ambitious sequels have managed to clear ranks while rubbing shoulders with a new wave of movers and shakers. But who came out on top?


Blizzard doesn’t need another gold trophy, not when it already has the Midas touch. While Overwatch may not be completely original – there’s more than a passing resemblance to Team Fortress 2 – it’s by far the most intoxicating online game of 2016. Its biggest strength comes from a diverse, vibrant cast of characters that allow Overwatch to occupy a blessed middleground between MOBA and class-based shooter. Instead of loadouts and faceless grunts, each hero has its own unique combination of weapons and abilities. Needless to say, team composition is everything when playing Overwatch with various counters and synergies constantly at work. Compared to every other online shooter this year, none are as strategic or effortlessly team-orientated.

Then there’s the game’s longevity to consider. If there’s one developer we can rely on to support its newest online shooter, it’s Blizzard. Where most multiplayer games have a lifespan of six to twelve months, Overwatch feels like it has a long road ahead. Blizzard is constantly reworking its characters while steadily adding new ones to the roster and finding interesting ways to play that go beyond its themed events.

Titanfall 2

Respawn’s sequel was always gonna be a frontrunner on this list. Despite being one of 2016’s most notable commercial casualties, poor sales have done little to undermine such a creative, addictive online shooter. Although there have been some notable tweaks to the existing formula, Titanfall’s strengths lie within Respawn’s original blueprint with pilots and their mechs clashing across a series of intuitively traversible maps.


Increasingly shunned by the industry’s big AAA studios, local multiplayer has grown into somewhat of a haven for indie developers to explore refreshingly fun ideas. Few succeed in nailing the perfect formula, but when they do it doesn’t take long for the word to spread. Overcooked, with its manic cutesy culinary capers effortlessly stands shoulder to shoulder with many of 2016’s best multiplayer experiences. It’s a resounding achievement and one made even more incredible when you consider the fact it was made by a two-man studio in Cambridge, England.

Our 2016 award for Best Multiplayer goes to:

Runners Up:

  • Titanfall 2
  • Battlefield 1
  • Overcooked
  • Uncharted 4
  • RIGS
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  1. Well deserved Overwatch, excellent multiplayer game, my son has put countless hours into it.
    Titanfall 2 also well deserving of a place up there, I really enjoy that game online, feels like original modern Warfare.

  2. Yeah, of that list I’d have picked Overwatch, simply because its the only one I played (apart from a demo of RIGS, which make me feel sick)..

    My own choice though, would have to be The Division.

    • The multiplayer is The Division though is absolute garbage, or it was when I was playing it.

      • The dark zone, absolutely.. But the story missions in co op, were great fun, even with Randy’s

      • The the dark zone, that was it.
        Don’t think coop counts for this award, it’s looking strictly at player vs player.

  3. Ntot surprised Overporn won it. Pretty much the only unique MP focused game this year that stood out the most and didn’t try to be anything more then it wanted to be. That and Tracer’s ass helped to get a lot of sales. ;)

    Shame that Battleborn got destroyed by it as it would have been interesting seeing those two titles trying outdo each other. I….

    need to research Overwatch for fun…..

    Where did I place my Researching ointment and tissues?

  4. I got Overcooked in a sale about a week ago and I have to say I wish I’d picked it up on release. I haven’t had so much in-house MP fun since the days of the N64. A blast.

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