Daybreak Pulls The Plug On Landmark

With EverQuest Next having been canned, Daybreak Game Company is about to lead its world sculpting spin-off, Landmark, to the gallows. The game, which only officially launched last June, will go offline on February 21st. Daybreak hasn’t gone into details though this kind of “sun-setting” of games often stems from declining server populations and profitability.

As someone who (foolishly) splurged around twenty quid for a founder’s pack, it’s a shame to see it go. It had ambitious concepts that would eventually feed into the ill-fated EverQuest Next. Daybreak has already put its foot down, stating that it will not authorise Landmark emulators or fan-made servers.

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  1. Everquest Next was the only MMO I’ve ever been genuinely excited for, the idea that the characters and factions in the world actually reacted to events going on was really exciting.
    I remember the example they gave of a band of npc orcs roving around the world looking for a trade route they could camp next to a plunder, and when they did a guard in a nearby town would dynamically create a quest to go and clear out the camp.

    Landmark looked really fun as well, though I never played it. I guess MMOs are resigned to being stagnant forever.

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