Farming Simulator 18 Confirmed For Vita, 3DS, And Mobile

Farming Simulator is one of those games that has a dedicated fanbase to it, selling loads of copies every year on PC. Now Giants Software has announced that it will be releasing Farming Simulator 18 on PS Vita and the 3DS, along with versions for Android and iOS. The confirmation was given both on Twitter and through the game’s official website.

While there has been no confirmation as of yet it is unlikely Farming Simulator 18 will miss PC, Xbox One, and PS4. A release date is to be confirmed.

Source: Farming Sim Official Site/Twitter

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  1. Vita? As in, PSP Vita? As in the techincally still a platform but Sony gave up on it years ago and is somehow still alive but kinda just there and not really doing much, Vita?

    And Farm Simulator? I….who gets Farm Simulator on a portable console? I mean, it seems like a bad game to play on the go and don’t simulators usually require a fair amount of hours?

    Surprised they didn’t attempt to get it on the Switch or perhaps they will and that will be on the list of games that they intend to release.

    But Farming Simulator? Of all the….

    Farming Simulator?

    Can we get Train Simulator on consoles now? Farming is a success. Give us Train Simulator though it would need cancelling just before launch if it’s to be 100% accurate of Southern. :P

    • Man, fuck Southern ;D

      Microsoft should really make a come back with those Train/Flying simulator games, they were robust!

      • The scheudled 10:30 comment has been cancelled due to a lack of excuses.

  2. What is this Vita you talk of? Some ancient relic from a time ago?

  3. I’m pretty sure FS18 will miss PS4, XBO and PC. They usually alternate years between pc/console and handheld. They release plenty of mods and DLC to keep people going!

  4. So what major advancements have been made in simulated farming since the release of Farming Simulator 17? Real-time weather effects? GM-free simulated crops? Increased access to the simulated single market in exchange for 15 million simulated immigrants?

    • Farmers wives ‘teets out for the lads’ possibly?
      Sorry couldn’t resist :P

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