Nintendo Switch Won’t Feature StreetPass Or Miiverse

The Nintendo Switch is bringing with it an almost complete fresh start for Nintendo’s online services, as they introduce their own paid subscription for multiplayer. It’s a little sad, but this means that there’s no room for some of the ideas and infrastructure of the last few years, with neither StreetPass nor Miiverse to be supported on the system, as Nintendo confirmed to VentureBeat.

StreetPass is actually one of my favourite things about the Nintendo 3DS, using local Wi-Fi to ping and collect the Mii and other data from other nearby 3DS consoles. It’s hardly essential, but gave me a little push to stick my 3DS in my bag when heading out in the hope of collecting some more Miis to play StreetPass Plaza games with.


Miiverse, meanwhile, was a little social hub to share screenshots, drawings and thoughts within each game’s community. While the Switch now includes a dedicated capture button on the left Joy-Con, Nintendo are doing away with the Miiverse in favour of supporting other more widespread social networks – specifics of what it will support are not yet known.. Again, it’s a little sad to see it go, and I rather enjoyed how it was integrated into Splatoon in particular, but it does make sense to open the doors to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, which will help to add word of mouth to the Switch’s publicity push.

Source: VentureBeat

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