Dirt 4 On PSVR Could Happen If Dirt Rally PSVR Is Successful

If you’re a PlayStation VR owner, you’re doubtless thinking to yourself, “Alright, what’s next?” Well, what’s next will include Dirt Rally, which is getting PSVR support via paid DLC and a fresh retail release, but our virtual rallying futures could also include Dirt 4.

Really it depends on how Dirt Rally does on PSVR if they decide to follow up on this developmental tangent, as explained by Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman when we spoke to him earlier today.

TSA: Dirt Rally’s PSVR DLC was announced the other day, but have you got anything to say about PSVR and Dirt 4?

Paul: Not at this stage. We’re going to see how Dirt Rally [for PSVR] does and we’ll build it on from there. I think it will come after the release of this, it won’t be at launch, but nothing to say other than we’re looking forward to seeing how Dirt Rally does on PSVR.

We know there aren’t many racing games on PSVR and I think there’s a great opportunity for us, because I think rallying suits VR really well. You can look in the direction you’re travelling as you slide around the corner, and the fact it really brings to life just how undulating our stages can be. We have things that can really play well with that, so yeah, we’re looking forward to seeing what the reaction is.

It doesn’t really sound like Dirt 4 PSVR is completely off the table if there’s little traction with Dirt Rally PSVR, but rather that it would slide down the list of priorities that Codemasters have during development. Certainly a lot of the work done previously will be able to carry forward to Dirt 4. Oh, and sorry, but we didn’t think in the moment to ask about VR support for other platforms.

Dirt 4 was revealed earlier today, and is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on 9th June. We went hands on with the game earlier today and will have our preview up in the morning, followed by the rest of Paul’s interview at, let’s say… 12:13PM GMT.

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  1. Bought Dirt Rally during sale in anticipation of VR. Waiting now to play it.

  2. Can’t wait for the DLC for VR ^^

    • Wow, going over the edge near the top of Pike’s Peak will be a rollercoaster in VR.

      Nothing a Sunday afternoon’s VR T-cutting won’t iron out though to bring the car up to scratch ready for another attempt :P

  3. I hope there is plenty of buyers for Dirt Rally VR. Has a release date been announced yet?

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