8-Bit Armies Heads To Consoles This Summer

SOEDESCO has announced that it will be publishing Petroglyph Games’ RTS 8-Bit Armies, with the game set to release on consoles this summer. Petroglyph has some major experience with the genre having developed Star Wars: Empire At War, Star Wars: Forces of Corruption and Grey Goo. Many of the team also previously worked on Command and Conquer and going by the trailer you can see its influence.


8-Bit Armies will feature two campaigns with a total of 40 missions, and there is also online co-op where up to eight players can team up to face off against the AI. The game has been available on PC since April 2016 and has received a number of positive reviews.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Not sure about the destroying-buildings-with-tanks thing but apart from that it looks awesome, can’t wait to try it out (big C&C fan here!).

    • It’s C&C through and through, the same team and even composer :)
      I have all the 8-bit games on steam and they’re great fun.

      The only thing I miss is loading troops into a building and fortifying it.

  2. I always think these games that claim to look 8bit always look more 16bit….

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