The Khemri And Chaos Dwarves Available For Blood Bowl 2 From Today

If you’re playing Blood Bowl 2 you may have already found the team that suits your tactics best, but some new options will be available today as The Khemri and Chaos Dwarves become available to purchase. The Khemri have the Regeneration ability as well as having access to the Block and Pass skill, which makes them the better Undead team to pick for moving the ball about. However the Khemri are primarily made up of mummies and skeletons, making them a lot easier to take down.

The Chaos Dwarves are a more defensive team and can hold opponents back very well with the use of centaurs, but there weakness is handling the ball with the team relying on hobgoblins to carry it. The hobgoblins are also quite physically weak.  On Steam the Khemri and Chaos Dwarves are both priced at £4.99 while on PSN each team is £5.79. On Xbox One the price is £5.59 for each team.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Bit annoying at the disparity in costs across platforms. Would have expected at least Xbox and PlayStation to mirror.

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