LEGO Worlds Now Launches In March

Chris Rose, Associate Producer at TT Games, has taken to the PlayStation Blog to announce a small delay to yet another LEGO game, LEGO Worlds. The game is aimed at the Minecraft crowd as “nearly anything you can build in real life with Lego bricks, you can build digitally here in Lego Worlds.”

The game will include ouch Couch Co-Op and Online Multiplayer, will cost $29.99, and will not have any micro-transations. “We don’t have any of that,” states Chris,  “There’s a chance we may one day explore Premium DLC, but not for a while at least.”


LEGO Worlds launches on PS4 and Xbox One this March, as is already available on Steam. The free LEGO Agents DLC pack will be exclusive to PlayStation for 90 days.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Looks really cool. I absolutely love the Lego games. As long as they don’t start incorporating “expansion packs”. I’d love to play Lego Dimensions but am seriously afraid it would make me a pauper.

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