A Whole Load Of EA Titles Are On Sale On The PlayStation Store

Quite a large sale has kicked off on the PlayStation Store with EA titles being the main focus point on the discounts. The sale includes Battlefield 1 Deluxe Edition for £39.99, or you could plump for the Ultimate Edition for £79.99, down from £109.98. Battlefield 1 Standard is £29.99. Titanfall 2 is £24.99 as is FIFA 17, while UFC 2 has been cut to £15.99.

If you don’t fancy those you can grab Grand Theft Auto V for £29.99 until March 1st. The full list of sale titles is below.




Digital Discounts (Until 08/03/17)

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  1. Nice, Dragon Age might be sold at that price!

    Also am I being blind or is there no season pass for Star Wars Battlefront? It’s odd they’d put everything else on the sale, but not that!

  2. Unravel caught my eye for an unreasonably cheap £4. It always bothers me why some more recent games get discounted more than some last gen ones from long running series. So is Unravel good? Is it gonna tug at my heart strings or is it just a woolly story tied to some ropey platforming?
    …sorry :)

    • I’m a frayed knot, it’s got 99 problems but the stitch ain’t one..

      I’m kidding actually, it’s a charmingly gorgeous platformer with a handful of frustrating difficulty spikes along the way which might turn you into a crochet-y old man. Nice to get it sew cheap.

      • Haha, thank you mate! And please have top spot on the 2017 pun league, that was superb!!

    • I think k there’s a demo of the game, at least there was a while ago. But at that price you wouldn’t really take that big a risk… ;o)

  3. Good sale but nothing I need atm. Unravel is a great game and the scenery is amazing. The gameplay can become frustrating at times but apart from that it’s a steal at that price.

  4. Aaaawww, I thought SSX was for PS4 for a moment, until I had realised I had scrolled into the PS3 section.

  5. Bad Company 2 for PS3 £3.99 , that would be well worth it if it still has a playerbase

  6. Might get Unravel too, was not completely sold by the demo, but the visuals were beautiful and the kids kept asking for it…

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