Twitch Will Soon Have A Button Where You Can Buy The Game

As you may be aware the retail giant Amazon owns the streaming giant Twitch, so it is no surprise that you will soon get a”buy” button in which you can purchase the game which is streaming from Amazon. You will also be able to buy DLC and add-on content.

“We want to grow Twitch as a social video network,” said Matt McCloskey, vice president of commerce at Twitch. “Providing commerce opportunities for businesses, whether as streamers or developers, drives growth.”


Tom Clancy’s The Division and Telltale Games’ Batman series will be among the first to get the button later this spring. You may be wondering what’s in it for the streamers, well the publisher will get 70% of the price, Amazon get 25% and the remaining 5% will be paid to the streamer. That means streamers will get around £2 for every new release game sold on Amazon for £40.

Source: MarketWatch

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  1. An interesting choice. Unlike, say, Nintendo’s cut on Youtube via their program, this seems fair and doesn’t seem to have any conditions. It seems like a win win for all parties. Publisher gets the majoirty, Amazon gets a sale and the streamer gets a bit of extra cash. Granted, £2 is crap for the publicity the game that is recieving but streamers seem to be able to earn a decent amount thus it just being a small bonus for them.

    I do wonder how long it is before Nintendo sues Twitch because they hate people using their content? The switch is out next week and I can see Nintendo taking action against twitch.

    • Since it appears to only apply to PC games, and downloads of them, that 5% is what Amazon normally pay as part of their “associates” programme. It looks like it’s only 3% for physical discs too, but that doesn’t appear to apply in this case anyway.

      How long before there’s any “this popular Twitch personality said the game was good just to get his 5%, but it turned out to be shit” thing going on? Is a “popular Twitch personality” even a thing? If it is, I give it a month before it happens.

      Don’t know what the solution to that problem is though. Could it be powerful lasers?

      • It is a thing. People like Joe “AngryJoe” Vargas are said to be quite decent at streaming on twitch and they seem to get a decent living from it or via patreon. I can see it leading to crap being flogged by twitch streamers despite the chances of getting enough to make a ton of cash being low.

        It would be nice to see Twitch regulate it and have some rules to prevent abuse of it. I do it succeeds as it benefits the consumer due to a more open approach to it and an incentive for free publicity for games. Though, it being through Amazon does limit stuff for indie devs.

        Oh and then there’s the twitch people who use their *ahem* assets and are utter useless at livestreaming.

      • Oops I must have hit the wrong button for my reply below

  2. I think you make a fair point Yd, but you’re forgetting Twitch is a streaming service – it’s not like Youtube where they can edit videos to make the game look better than it is. And as long as they’re honest about it, people should be able to make up their own minds rather than just impulse buying just because your favourite streamer told you to.

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