London To Get A Parade Of Video Game Characters

The London Games Festival is to close in epic fashion by holding a huge parade of video game characters, both official and cos-players. It will be rather unique in that it will focus solely on characters and icons from video games, rather than general pop culture.

The event on April 8th will start in Guildhall Yard, a parade down Cheapside and then activity through Festival Gardens and then up to the steps of St Pauls Cathedral. There will then be a ‘catwalk’ showcase of the cosplayers and characters in Paternoster Square.

For more details and information on how to attend, head to Entry is free, and your costume must be family friendly – don’t go thinking you can shove some water balloons down a t-shirt and go as one of the girls from Senran Kagura Estival Versus.

I suppose I could get a mohican and wear a couple of rabbits and go as my new video gaming crush, Erend from Horizon Zero Dawn. I’ve already got the chops.

Source: Press release


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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. There goes my plan for a Kratos cosplay then. :P

    Seems rather short notice but who knows what happens in the realm of London. If I had the cash and time(Oh, I know I will be employed by the end of this month, whether it is temping or not, this is happening this month, just an update for those who are interested in the life of steve), I would probably go as Commander Shepard or the Warden from Dragon Age. Then get the crap beaten out of me for daring to venture out of Kent and joining Londonland. :P

    I promise that is the last of the London jokes in this comment.

    I can see the Daily Mail and co trying to link it into Brexit or claiming it is encouraging youths(People younger then 24, what? I’m an old youth. Yes, that is a term! Ok, i made that up, but still!) to venture outside and have fun or corrupting the minds of kids.

    But it is good to see cosplaying getting a hold in the UK outside of small cons. A con near me is yearly(i think) and seems to be increasing. It’s not gaming related(yet) but cosplaying seems to becoming more and more appealing. Though, doing it in april, so close to easter is going to be an interesting thing to see.

    Or London is taken over by a horde of Marios.

    • But surely you’d want to cosplay at Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite :P

  2. I guess I could just take a little drive to London and pull-up in my Pegassi Osiris and be a Driveclub cosplay ;)

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