Get A Walkthrough Of New & Returning Features In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The current pinnacle of kart racing is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 28th April, and it’s bound to be a near essential purchase for any Nintendo Switch owner with a staggering amount of content that goes beyond just bundling up the original game and its DLC.

A new trailer highlights both the returning content and new features:


There’s a huge 48 tracks in the game, comprehensive local multiplayer with split screen four player and adhoc WiFi for up to eight. There’s even support for 12 players if you play with the console docked and connect with ethernet, which will be perfect for tournament play.

There’s other new features, like a bunch of new characters to race as and being able to hold two items at once, but many Mario Kart fans will rejoice at the return of a proper Battle Mode. There’s eight arenas to duke it out in, with the classic Balloon Battle joined by Renegade Roundup, Bob-omb Blast, Coin Runners and Shine Thief.

It’s all looking rather great.

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