Total War: Warhammer II Has Elves And It’s Coming Out This Year

Last year’s Total War: Warhammer was a pretty big deal for the long running strategy series, marking the first time that the series had strayed away from its historical setting. It’s a game that’s been rather well supported by Creative Assembly, with new races, campaigns and stories being added on a regular basis. It might feel odd for this to be coming so soon, but Sega and CA have just announced a full sequel, Total War: Warhammer II, which is coming out for PC this year, and will be the middle chapter in a Warhammer trilogy of games.


There is a pretty decent reason for the decision to go for a full sequel instead of more expansion packs. Simply, it features an awful lot of new content, with four new races and four new continents to fight over, as CA take us to the west to conquer Ulthuan, Naggaroth, The Southlands and Lustria, as High Elves, Dark Elves, Lizardmen and a fourth, as yet unrevealed race. Naturally, each of those races comes with new hero characters, new races and new story quest battles to follow, surrounding a struggle for control over the Great Vortex that swirls over the elven lands of Ulthuan.

While all of this can stand on its own, what’s quite fascinating is that if you own both Warhammer and Warhammer II, they will be bringing the two games together with a combined campaign map of the Old and New World that’s being added shortly after release, letting you play with any of the playable races from both games. Putting two and two together, this indicates that players will also be able to bridge that gap in multiplayer.

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  1. Wait, it’s new content and will combine resources of both games for owners of both?

    Darn it, guys, you’re meant to shove out a half arsed sequel and milk it with billions of DLC or microtransactions. You fail at game development. 0.9/10. :P

    Joking aside, a very decent reason and I do hope that they will do a double pack on Steam,GOG at some point. Would love to pick both up and tell the Emperor that Steven is gonna to take his crown, shine it up reaaal nice and whoop his candy ass!

    Unexpected sequel but should be good. Though, call it Total Warhammer. It’s the best title for it. Total War:Warhammer is ok but repetitive.

    I hope they do space battles in the third one.

  2. i am stuck in the middle of Ulthuan..

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