The Jak And Daxter Games Are Getting The PS2 Classics Treatment This Year

Jak and Daxter are making a more than welcome return this year on PlayStation 4, with Sony announcing today that Jak and Daxter, Jak II, Jak 3 and Jak X: Combat Racing are getting the PS2 Classics treatment later this year.

Jak X: Combat Racing in particular is long overdue a bit of a revival, having been glossed over for the trilogy remaster on PlayStation 3. As PS2 Classics, all four games are being put into Sony’s PS2 emulation layer that up-renders them to 1080p and cleverly manages to roll in trophy support at the same time.


When you consider the luscious Ratchet & Clank remake/reimagining and the fact that the main trilogy of Jak and Daxter games were given a HD remaster for PlayStation 3, it feels to me like something of a step back for PS2 Classics to be considered a big deal. Then again, it gives fans an opportunity to play those games again with a greatly improved resolution and trophies.

The only games missing from all of this are the quite excellent Daxter spin off for PSP and The Lost Frontier, which was released in 2009, during the twilight days of the PSP and PS2. Seriously, can we get Daxter? I loved that game.

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. I’m actually so excited at the opportunity to play these games again. It’s like Sony heard my cry for more platformers.

  2. £14.99 and it’s a winner.

    • £7.99 each and £29.99 for a bundle. This is the PSN we’re talking about here.

      • If they were £7.99 each, surely the most stupid pricing would be £31.99 for the bundle of 4?

        But they’ll be either £7.99 or £11.99 each, as that’s how the PS2 games for PS4 are priced. I’m guessing the more expensive option.

  3. I loved Daxter too! Would pay good money for a remaster.

  4. I normally like these types of games. I’m playing and enjoying the Ratchet and Clanks again, I did the remastered Sly Cooper trilogy, I know I’m going to salivate over Crash Bandicoot later this year…but I just couldn’t love Jak. I got partway through number 1 and just lost interest. Shame because I wanted to like it.

  5. I got my nostalgia fix for Jak & Daxter with the PS3 remasters but it’d be nice to think that bringing the originals to PS4 was a Precursor for a new entry in the series.

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