[UPDATE] Futurlab’s PlayStation VR Game Is A “Drone Racing” Title

But will it feature coconuts?

Futurlab have told us very little about their forthcoming PlayStation VR title other than it’s for PlayStation VR. However, a feature on GI.biz with Futurlab’s James Marsden has revealed that the game will feature drone racing.

FuturLab had a close working relationship with Sony from Velocity and Velocity2X, but its workload was such that starting the project – a “drone racing” title – had to be delayed for six months.

The rest of the feature goes on to explain the team have worked hard to combat motion sickness, and it appears you won’t be viewing the game from the perspective of the drone, but hovering above the racing.

There was also a great sense of agency to be found in being positioned above a world of smaller objects or characters, with the freedom to explore by leaning in and looking around.

Now if that means the game is going to be Supercars, but in VR, with drones, then count me in.

Source: GI.Biz


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  1. Brilliant, I can imagine Futurelabs doing a cracking job of this. Hopefully there will be an option to try full blow first person view, the on board race cams from the drone races I’ve watched are absolutely mental.

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