Microsoft Kick Off Their Spring Sale On The Xbox Games Store

Springing into discounts.

Sony hit the big button last week on their Easter sale, and now Microsoft are getting in on the action, with discounts to a large swathe of digital games. It’s not likely to spring too many surprises – Gears 4 is a shade over £20, Forza Horizon 3 is £32.49, as we’ve seen before – but it’s another opportunity to pick up some deals you might have missed out on a few months ago at the start of the year. That said, let us know if anything jumps out at you as a great deal.

Discounts are live now on the store, running until 17th April. For the duration, you’ll be able to pick up a month of Xbox Live Gold for $1, with an additional 10% off discounts if you have Gold. Halo Wars 2, for example, is £37.31 in the sale, but drops further to £32.33 with Gold.

Here’s the full list of Xbox One offers courtesy of Major Nelson’s blog:

Xbox One Deals

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  1. Can you buy multiple months and stack them?

    • No, and it’s purely introductory as far as I can make out.

      • Rats mine ran out, ill renew it when i have a reason to be back on xbox. Maube around scorpio release

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