The EU PS Store’s Easter Sale Kicks Off Today

I’m not entirely sure when Easter became such a holiday for digital stores to make a big deal out of, but why turn your nose up at another opportunity to save a few quid? Sony have kicked off their Easter Sale in the EU PlayStation Store today, with offers almost across the board.

Major games from the end of last year, such as Battlefield 1, Dishonored 2, Overwatch and Watch Dogs 2 are £30 or less, and there’s also some good reductions on PSVR games. Battlezone in £25, Thumper’s a tenner, the practically essential Dirt Rally VR bundle? It’s a penny shy of £20. That’s a Good Price™.


You can find all of the games on offer on the PlayStation Store, or a shortened list of what the EU PS Blog is highlighting is below. The sale runs until 26th April, but some games, such as Battlefield 1, aren’t on offer for the duration, so there’s not too much to gain from dillying or dallying.



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  1. I believe retailers use Easter so they can use words like “eggs-cellent” and “cracking”.
    I’ve been debating whether to get Dirt Rally/VR for a while so this is a good offer

  2. There’s a lot of choice but I’m trying not to buy any more games until I’ve finished some of the ones I already have.

    Anyone with a PSVR who’s into racing games should give Dirt Rally VR a go as it’s absolutely brilliant.

    • Is it good enough with a controller or is a steering wheel needed..?

      • To get the full VR experience you really need a wheel.

      • That’s a shame. I’m holding out on the wheel being released for GT Sport.

    • Does it display the racing line in VR? A friend of mine can only play a racing game when it is displayed, due to a vision impairment, so it would help a lot to know.

  3. I’ve just bought a 2tb external HDD so am keen to fill it.

    Also is the Fallout 4 DLC worth £20? I do like a bit of base building.

    • Which HDD did you go for? I still need to get one myself.

      And I’d say the Fallout 4 DLC is worth it. Pretty much doubles the size of the game. So it depends on how much you enjoyed the main game, I guess.

      • I have a WD My Passport 3TB but i won’t recommend it as i noticed that the PS4 fan seemed to be a bit irregular with the drive attached, like it was performing a few extra revs about once every second. (And i can’t fit it internally in the PS4 either as it doesn’t have sata, just a USB3 PCB attached to the drive).
        Might be better to go with a drive that has it’s own power supply. I have a seagate external drive for over ten years and never had any issue with it, so they are a good brand from my experience.

      • Well that’s one to avoid then, possibly.

        The only problem with a drive with it’s own power supply is that trying to plug anything else in is probably somewhere between “that’s pushing it a bit” and “it’s a potential deathtrap!”

        On the other hand, there’s a possibility of getting a larger drive. Physically larger. Which leads to the possibility of a faster drive. 7200 vs 5400 rpm. I’ve seen some people claiming that can make a difference.

        But deadly fire hazard! Difficult choices ;)

  4. Is Dangerous Golf worth a punt at £5? I’m in the same boat as the rest of you, a bit of backlog to crack on with, but I’m very tempted!

    • I’m all honesty I bought it and thought it wasn’t the greatest, not a bad game just not compelling enough to return to it as my backlog pulled me away from it.

      • Cheers dude, I’ll hold fire then! Got myself Titanfall 2 instead as I missed that at Christmas. Not that it was on sale…

  5. Oh man…. got like a tenner in my PSN Wallet and all I can think of was Coffin Dodgers but now there are cheap out there such as DiRT VR, Burn Mantis and Dangerous Golf…. of course the VR games aswell since I want to return to VR immediately!

  6. Mostly Meh as far as I’m concerned. Price reductions aren’t enough to tempt me on anything.

  7. Is there ever not a sale on the PSN these days? PSN has turned into Debenhams or that dodgy Sofa company who’s ‘SALES END SUNDAY!!!’ and start again on Monday morning.

  8. No point right now as i won’t have time for anything else for a while and when i do have time the ones i’m interested in could be cheaper at retail.

  9. Oh no, not again…!
    Would make it a lot easier to go through the stuff, if they finally sorted out their so utterly rubbish online shop, which doesn’t properly run on a mobile.

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