The Marvel Heroes Omega Beta Kicks Off This Week, Here’s How To Get In

Love The Avengers? Love Diablo? Great, then you’re probably gonna love Marvel Heroes Omega! Gazillion recently confirmed that its comic-inspired dungeon crawler will come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this Spring. Those particularly keen on suiting up as Marvel’s finest will get a chance on April 21st when the beta kicks off.


Here’s the catch. As with a lot of free-to-play titles, punters will need to fork out for what’s known as a Founder’s Pack. It’s basically a premium pass that will net you some in-game goodies as well as early access to the game this Friday. There are six different packs available, based around series and characters such as Deadpool, X-Men, and The Avengers.

Having racked up a fair few hours with the original release on PC, it’s definitely up there with my favourite entries from the genre. If you were waiting for a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, then look no further.

Source: VG247

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  1. I enjoyed it on pc so really looking forward to this, wanted it on ps4 pretty much since launch

    • It would be a nice fit on consoles and gives Marvel fans something to chew on til Spider-Man.

      • Yeah just getting option to use soke of my fave characters on consoles. Ive had a big craving for playing some cyclops

  2. Interested in this. Must add I’m desperately looking forward to playing the AAA Webslinger!

    • I assume you’re talking about superior spiderman

  3. They’re live now

  4. Servers been dead since it launched in america…

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