Call Of Duty WWII Pro Edition, Release Date Leaked

With the Call of Duty WWII reveal just a day away, we’ve got our hands on some fresh intel. When it launches on November 3rd, the latest COD will have a so-called “Pro Edition” that includes a fancy steelbook, season pass, and other bonus content. The leak comes via some Gamestop promotional material.


Taking a closer look at the steelbook, it clearly depicts some kind of beach front, heavily reminiscent of the Normandy D-Day landings. Of course, we won’t know for sure until tomorrow’s big reveal.

Source: CharlieIntel

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  1. Shall we?

  2. Really? We have reached the point where expensive editions of the game are announced before the game itself? Along with the DLC and Season pass. Yet, not a damn solid thing confirmed about the game apart from it being WWII setting.

    Just……feck this normal standard of things. What happened to revealing the damn game first, then shoving a billion different editions down our throats over the x amount of months.

    What’s next? Announcing the DLC of the game first then revealing it as if the game itself is not important but the DLC? Oh, that is vital. You must buy the DLC!

    Yes, I know, i’m a grumpy old gamer. I’ll be yelling at the nintendos to stay off my lawn. If i had one.

  3. I still can’t believe it’s genuinely called “COD WW2″…

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