Nintendo Announces New 2DS XL, Out This July

A bit of surprise news for you all this morning. Nintendo is diversifying its range of 3DS handhelds once again, this time with a newer model of the 2DS.


Officially dubbed the “New Nintendo 2DS XL” it rocks a sleeker clamshell design of the 3DS, and with a larger 4.88″ main screen that matches up in size with the 3DS XL, including many of the features that Nintendo added with the “New” 3DS hardware. These include:

  • An added C-stick
  • Built in NFC reader for amiibo figures and cards
  • Two additional triggers
  • Ability to play “New 3DS” only titles

The 2DS XL will be available from July 28th for $149.99, coming in two colour schemes, “Black + Turquoise” and “White + Orange”.

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  1. It’s still 400×240 resolution, which is horrific in this day and age, especially if they’re making the screen bigger.
    There’s an opening in the market now for a “real” new handheld, lets be honest: the switch is too big and only has 3 hours of battery life, it doesn’t replace the dedicated handheld. I think if Sony or somebody else came out with a new handheld they could conceivably nick a good chunk of Nintendo’s market share. Hell, a repackaged and relaunched vita would be cheap to produce, kick the 3DS’s butt graphically, and if they market it to steal 3DS’s audience it could be a real hit.

    • If Sony did it, they’d release it then stop supporting it almost immediately.
      Honestly I really don’t think there is any call right now for a dedicated handheld gaming console.

      • vita has great third party support from japan.
        If they made it even cheaper and easier to develop for it would be a very attractive platform for developers. Then Sony themselves could bring out a raft of top quality ‘B’ titles made on lower budgets with modest teams. Sony’s support for the vita dropped because ps4 was coming so if they released something now it would give them enough time to get out some good games for it.

        As for there being no appetite for a dedicated handheld, the continued sales of 3DS prove you wrong, if somebody gave those buyers a better option they could make a lot of money.

      • I’m sorry, but no, absolutely no. It couldn’t be made more clearer if Sony posted on the wall of your living room, the Vita as a platform is dead. Japan can support it no end, but it’s local market stuff only.

        I doubt Sony would be foolish enough to dive into the handheld market, not after their bad reputation and the lockout by Nintendo.

        Very few people outside of the player base realise just how good a handheld the Switch is. It’s as good being a home console too. It really does nail both extremely well.

      • Like I said, the switch isn’t a great portable. It’s expensive, the battery life sucks and its huge.
        And I didn’t mean Sony should start pushing the vita again, just take its hardware and put it in a new shell. R&D would be super cheap and it would be cheap to produce, offering a much better experience than the 3ds for a similar price and way undercutting the switch.

        The market is there, the 3ds continues to sell despite being old now and the time could be right for somebody else to steal a bit of market share.
        As for your reputation comment, so what? Microsoft committed the equivalent of high treason with the Xbox one launch and yet they still managed to sell tens of millions of units. Reputation doesn’t mean that much, consumers are fickle.

      • The other thing is the back catalogue. The 3DS has tons and tons of fantastic games for it, while the Vita’s catalogue tailed off a long time ago. Similarly, there’s over 60 million 3DS out in the market, and the PS Vita is nowhere near, so which are developers more likely to target?

      • People buy a new system because of the promise of new games, by your logic the ps4 and switch should have flopped because their predecessors had far bigger back catalogues.

    • It’s the same size screen as in the 3DS XL, just without the stereoscopic 3D.

      • Just with even lower resolution of the 3DS XL, if that’s even possible.

      • Same size screen, half the resolution.
        The lack of 3D means half as many pixels

      • It’s 400×240, whether that’s combined or per eye in 3D. The effective resolution that you see doesn’t change and that’s the resolution that games run at. It’s not a point worth quibbling about.

      • The 3DS’s main screen resolution is 800×240, or 400×240 per eye in 3D mode. The 2D only 3DS models have 400×240 resolution in total, so half the number of lines as the 3D model. It’s bad.

      • Exactly. Each eye only ever sees 400×240 whether in 2D or 3D, so the effective resolution that you actually see is always 400×240.

      • no you are wrong. In 3D mode each eye is seeing a unique set of pixels (otherwise the 3D effect would not work), so the total resolution is double. on the 2D models each eye is seeing the same set of pixels, so the effective resolution is half of the 3D models.

      • My point it that it’s not like a shift from 720p to 1080p, it’s not adding resolution in a tangible way that alters the graphics in any way other than to add the 3D effect. 3D models have the same degree of aliasing around the edges, etc. etc. The actual resolution is doubled, yes, but the effective resolution remains the same.

        Can I ask, do you own a 3DS or have you had extensive time using one?

      • Yeah I got a 3DS in 2012 and have used it extensively, it doesn’t get so much use nowadays though.

        The whole point of my original post is that they have increased the size of the screen and effectively halved the resolution, which just exacerbates the already poor quality of the 3DS screen. The pixels themselves will be larger making aliasing much more apparent.

      • You turn off the 3D function on the 3DS XL, you’ll get exactly the same picture and resolution as the 2DS XL.

        Either way you look at it, people enjoy the 3DS/2DS a lot, and it has great support.

        Going forward, Nintendo have the ability to push the product further by cutting the 3D tech and therefore cutting costs. It’s streamlining the product lifecycle, just like slim PS4 and Xbox One. This shouldn’t be seen as a brand new handheld console.

  2. I think that the next phase in portable gaming advancement could likely be VR headsets on the move.

    Daft people in portable electric hats

    You’ll be on the daily commute to work watching helmeted patrons clashing with lamposts, traffic lights, people and anything else in their path whils’t trying to beat the end level Boss, after which, desperately trying to find an electric car charging point to recuperate power balance and start the next level :P

    Of course this could never happen….

    • Let’s hope, for all our sakes, that this never comes to pass.

      • Indeed lol

        Can’t fault Ninty’s portable console ideas and innovation which usually result in success underdog or not, support is key.

      • At the age of 32 I’ve just bought a selfie drone, now I can be vain, noisy and dangerous to pets and toddlers all at once! As excited as I am I think teenagers will be ten times more unbearable, and I think bank holiday traffic jams will be full of kids wearing headsets.. playing virtual eye-spy.

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