Monster Hunter Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Capcom has announced that the latest game in its power-selling series, Monster Hunter XX, will be coming to Nintendo Switch as well as 3DS. Details surrounding this console version will be revealed during tomorrow’s Monster Hunter Championship in Sapporo. You can watch the livestream below, starting 4AM on Saturday morning.


Capcom also confirmed that this isn’t the major unannounced title the company is planning to release within its next financial year.

For fans of the franchise, a Monster Hunter game on Switch is both good and bad news. Given its popularity on handheld devices, Nintendo’s newest platform would be a great fit, especially if there’s some cross-compatibility with the 3DS version.

For OG Monster Hunters (we’re talking the PS2/PSP era) this announcement suggests that Capcom and Nintendo’s exclusivity partnership will continue.

Source: Gematsu

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  1. That’ll be the Switch sold out for many more months to come then.

  2. Huge news. Hope Nintendo have their stock issues sorted by the time this comes out as demand is going to be massive.

  3. Nintendo just won Japan!

  4. That’s what I’m talking about. Great news,and a really good fit for keeping the console’s momentum going after Zelda.

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