Monster Hunter XX Comes To Nintendo Switch On August 25 In Japan

Capcom has confirmed that Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. will be launching on August 25th in Japan. The announcement was made during the Monster Hunter Championship 2017 in Sapporo.

Rocking 1080p on the Switch, Monster Hunter XX will be playable in both TV and handheld mode. A bundle, including both the game and console, is also planned.


Those who own a copy of Monster Hunter XX on Nintendo 3DS will be able to transfer their save data to the Switch version and vice versa via the internet. Online cross-play has also been confirmed as well as a save data import feature for the original Monster Hunter X.

There’s no word on an overseas release though it seems more than likely. It’s been a long journey, but Monster Hunter is finally building a solid fanbase outside of Japan. Nintendo will also be very keen to show off yet another must-have for its new platform.

Source: Gematsu

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