Dead Alliance Heads To PS4, PC, And Xbox One On August 29th

Let’s face it, there are a ton of games that are centred around zombies in one way or another, with the majority of those games using them as fodder for you to kill. Maximum Games’ Dead Alliance doesn’t change that formula completely but it does add a little twist to the multiplayer shooter genre. In the game you’ll face off against other teams in maps that are infested with zombies, but that can be used to your advantage.


Players will be armed with a number of weapons and items that can cause the zombies to attack the opposing team, while you go in with your gun. Obviously you’ll have to watch out for the same tactics being used on you, and the zombies may attack anyway. Matches will be 4v4 affairs and there will be modes like Team Deathmatch, King Of The Hill and Free for All. There are also single player operations in which skills can be tested, and gear unlocked.

Dead Alliance is expected to release on August 29th.

Source: Dead Alliance Official Site

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  1. This looks like it could be great, definitely be listening out for reviews when they hit, this has great potential.

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