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Competition – Win Friday The 13th & Dead Alliance For PS4 This Halloween

What better way to escape the horrors of kids in your neighbourhood knocking of your door for sweeties than to win some appropriately themed video game? Well, we’ve got you covered not one time, but two times over with a double giveaway for the multiplayer horrors of Friday The 13th and Dead Alliance on PlayStation 4.

We’ve teamed up with Maximum Games to give away five pairs of EU PS4 codes for these games, and all you need to do is follow the instructions in the giveaway box below! Don’t worry if you’ve been cowering under the covers and miss Halloween itself, because this competition will run until Thursday 2nd November at 11:59PM GMT. The winner will then be announced and contacted with their prizes within 24 hours.

Win Friday The 13th The Game & Dead Alliance For PS4

Good luck!

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  1. Tell you what, these competitions are a nice easy way for you guys to get some publicity etc. And I don’t have to think about a smart answer. Win/win in my book.

    Would be damn lucky to win this though, I was fortunate enough to win Battle Chasers last time round. Great wee game by the way.

    • Sorry for double post. There seems to be an issue every time I post where I get taken to a blank page instead of being taken to the same page that I was commenting on.

      Anyone else with the same problem?

      • Yeah, it’s a known issue. There’s lots of kinks that we’re going to simply wait and solve in one go, so just put up with us for the time being, please!

        And I’ve solved your double post problem. :)

      • Ah i was just about to post a reply saying i have had it take me to an error page when posting,also had a spate of fake virus warnings pop up when visiting the site via mobile(the ones that just won’t go away so had to delete and reinstall browser a few times) touch wood it hasn’t happened for a bit,good to know there fixes on the way ;)

  2. Excellent, wouldn’t mind me a bit of horror in my life! Thanks for the chance.

    • Good luck Tony!

      • ? not this again!

      • It could be annoying and boring or a very niche meme, either way I’m gonna be flogging that horse until it’s fossilised bones.

  3. So 5 people win 2 games? Why can’t 10 people win 1 game? We’d all be twice as likely to win then.

  4. Done, thanks for doing this. Would love a copy of Friday 13th :D

  5. oooohhh i love a non competition competition..

  6. I already have Friday the 13th so won’t enter,but good luck everyone ;)

    • Same and going to play Friday soon tonight ^^
      Good luck Friday 13th I’d awesome wee fun :)

      • Tuesday night is reset night on Destiny,I haven’t played F13 for a bit since before recent updates,I’ll have to give it a whirl at some point.

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