FuturLab Announce Tiny Trax, A Slot-Racer For PlayStation VR

VR Scalextric.

After a few years of near silence, FuturLab are back with something quite a bit different to their recent efforts. Compared to Coconut Dodge and the two Velocity games, Tiny Trax is fully 3D, it’s also a PlayStation VR exclusive, and it’s a racing game, taking inspiration from Scalextric.

So it’s a slot racing game that’s then been souped it up with what virtual reality can offer, putting you in the midst of a track that can wrap around you both horizontally and vertically, but guaranteeing no nausea because you don’t move. There’s gravity defying loops, lane switching, boosting and quick and smooth drifting. Pick from six different vehicles to race against AI or against up to four friends online in both single races, tournaments, and posting times to leaderboards.

You can read our hands on impressions from the game, and we’ve got an interview with FuturLab MD James Marsden and Game Designer Dave Gabriel in the pipeline as well.

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Lols at the staff doing awesome “wooweee” faces. It’s almost put me off #HotDaveFromFuturlab but not quite.

    Game looks fab tho :)

  2. The stupid faces had us in tears during editing :D

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